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PETITS FOURS Whole grains, protein highlight first-quarter menu trends Whole grains, passion fruit and upgraded proteins were prominent menu trends during the first quarter of 2013, said Elizabeth Freier, associate editor for food service researcher Technomic. Wraps offer a convenient and portable format that may be used for ethnic varieties or better-for-you-options. Ms. Freier said she was somewhat surprised to see cheeseheavy sides and indulgent breakfast sandwiches become so “A lot of concepts now are focusing on what’s been removed popular because such products go against current health and in certain healthy menu items … but a lot of the focus may be wellness trends, but she noted not all products can or should fit turning to what healthy elements the food actually contains … into health and wellness. which many consumers are now viewing as just as important as what the food lacks,” Ms. Freier said. Going forward, she said next-generation spicy flavors will become increasingly important. She said spicy flavors in the past New whole grain options on menus during the first quarter in- year has been about jalapeno and habanero, but operators are cluded Auntie Anne’s Honey Whole Grain Pretzel, Jamba Juice’s beginning to expand beyond the flavors and the general term Jamba Kids Meals and Sandella’s Flatbread Cafe’s Whole- “spicy” to include more specific flavor profiles such as peri peri Grain Flatbread. New Passion fruit products included Baskin- and peppercorn. Robbins’ Berry Passionate Frozen Yogurt, Tropical Smoothie When developing menu products, Ms. Freier said operators Cafe’s Passion Fruit Smoothie and Lucille’s Smokehouse’s need to be aware of consumers’ new dining habits, and they Spiced Rum Punch. need to develop items to reflect the new habits. Snacking, for Upgraded proteins included products such as Good Times example, is playing a larger role in eating habits for consumers, Burgers & Frozen Custard’s new chicken platform, Long John and traditional dayparts are evaporating. Additionally, while Silver’s offering of an upgraded shrimp product and Taco Bell’s upgraded proteins are popular, she acknowledged it may not introduction of an improved steak. be possible for all operators to upgrade the products due to Ms. Freier said upgraded proteins were especially seen as im- cost concerns. Operators need to determine the degree of ne- portant in quick-service where consumers are concerned about cessity for them to have more expensive proteins, and if opera- the quality of the meats being offered and are looking for trans- tors do upgrade them they need to stress the sourcing of the parency in sourcing. new ingredients. Other menu trends included bowl presentations; cheese- As for innovation during the rest of the year, don’t expect to heavy sides; indulgent breakfast sandwiches; classic cocktails; find an emphasis on center-of-the plate beef options. Center- freebies, buy-one, get-one and deep discounts; and wraps. of-the-plate vegetables likely will be a driving trend the rest of She said bowl presentations are especially popular in fast- the year due to health and wellness and an interest in ethnic casual restaurants because they provide a platform for rice or foods. Chicken and other non-beef alternatives also will rise in grains and a protein plus vegetables. As a result, they meet many popularity due to the rising costs of beef, she said. Expect to see dietary requirements and may be promoted as hearty meals. even more non-beef burgers appearing on menus. 48 | Culinology | MAY/JUNE 2013

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Culinology - May/June 2013
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Whole grains, protein highlight first-quarter menu trends
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Culinology - May/June 2013