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PRESIDENT'S LETTER Passion leads to success Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Some of my best food memories are from my childhood during the fall. Whether it is apple picking in the hills of New England with the scent of cider doughnuts in the breeze or digging clams and raking cape scallops for chowder, food has always been at the center of my universe. I feel blessed to have always had a passion for food. I find it interesting that what feeds my body also feeds my heart and soul. This passion for food is a common thread running through the Research Chefs Association. Our community encompasses a variety of skill sets that all revolve around food. Couple that with a passion for knowledge and you have an explosive combination. None of us arrived in our roles the same way; we took many different pathways. Who knew that one day we would find ourselves in a position to create, innovate, indeed, drive the future of food? But we work in a complex environment. How do we continue to innovate and remain relevant to both ourselves and our employers? I believe the answer is multifaceted. We know we can't continue to do what we've always done. That would be the antithesis of innovation. I believe it is a special mix of continued learning, personal interaction, honing our skills and stretching our imaginations that leads to successful innovation. The great masters of the Renaissance weren't great because they could paint at birth. They were great because they painted often; they had a passion for their work. Success was the result and not the goal. I have many chef friends running successful restaurants. They didn't get there overnight. The one amazing trait they all have is humility. They are never satisfied, always striving to do it better than before. The awards are nice, good press drives their businesses but in the end they are left with themselves. Are we so different from them? How many of your plant trials have failed? Successful product launches are our Saturday nights on the line. Epic food and the experience of creating it - that's our common passion. Whether on the line or on the bench, we are defining the future of food. Fortunately, chefs and food scientists have many tools available today to develop ourselves and our trade. Every day we take advantage of technology but, that is only a part of it. I believe it is the people you collaborate with that challenge you to stretch your mind and completes the development process. How does this apply to you and the Research Chefs Association? By getting in the game, becoming involved and sharing your passion. The tools are right here in front of you! Charles Hayes President Research Chefs Association 4 | Culinology | DECEMBER 2013 - BOARD MEMBERS - PRESIDENT Charles Hayes CRC, CEC Director of new business development - National accounts Golden County Foods VICE PRESIDENT Marshall Scarborough Manager of Global Product Development Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen TREASURER Susan Edwards Foodservice Business Development Manager Cryovac Food Solutions/ Sealed Air Corporation SECRETARY Steve Bonasia Corporate Sales Manager-Prepared Foods Division Sanderson Farms, Inc. - DIRECTORS - IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Christian "Kit" Kiefer CEC, CCE, AAC, FMP Director Culinary Services, Corporate Executive Chef Schwan's Food Service, Inc. Kevin Anderson Kevin M. Anderson, LLC Jason Behrends CCS, Ph. D Project Leader Tyson Foods, Inc. John Draz CEC, CCE Executive Research Chef Ed Miniat, Inc. Dianna Fricke CRC, CWPC Executive Chef, Research & Development J. R. Simplot Company Craig "Skip" Julius CRC, CCS, CEC, CCP, CFE Manager - Culinary Solutions Sensient Flavors Susan Licker MS, CCS Director R&D Frito-Lay Christopher R. Loss, Ph.D Director of Menu Research and Development The Culinary Institute of America Allison Rittman CRC Corporate Chef/Owner Culinary Culture Larry Tong CCS Culinary Training and Development Manager McCormick & Co., Inc. Rachel Zemser CCS, MSFS Food Science & Culinology Consultant A la Carte Connections - BOARD MEMBER AT LARGE - Homaro Cantu Moto Restaurant

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Culinology -- December 2013
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President's Letter - Passion leads to success
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Dessert - Desert Trends 2014
Healthy Children - Child's Play
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Culinology -- December 2013