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EMERGING trends Hot cocoa flavor heats up Raise a mug to one of the hottest snack trends this season. Hot cocoa is gaining steam as a flavor in new limited-edition cookies, candies, popcorn and gum. "We have seen indulgence-inspired flavors such as hot chocolate in a variety of applications like ice cream, chap sticks, cookies, candies and other snacks," said Tina Rzeha, marketing associate, Beverage Flavors North America, at Sensient Flavors, Hoffman Estates, Ill. "While hot chocolate falls under the umbrella of chocolate, it definitely is its own flavor category - it is creamier, more 'marshmallowy' and can contain a hint of vanilla." The emergence of hot cocoa as a holiday flavor is part of a larger product development trend - the blurring of food and beverage categories, Ms. Rzeha said. Think coffee-flavored yogurt and craft beer-inspired potato chips. "Traditional beverage flavors have made their way into sweets, dairy and even savory products and vice versa," Ms. Rzeha said. Another driver of the trend is an uptick in dessert flavors used in a variety of food and beverage applications. "Cookies and cream, Christmas cookie and donut-flavored coffee are no longer deemed as exotic in coffee shops around the country," Ms. Rzeha said. "The same applies to ice cream and yogurts. Consumers are looking to combine products they consume on a daily basis with indulgence, allowing them to treat themselves without necessarily feeling guilty." Ms. Rzeha said this classic comfort treat may become as popular as pumpkin spice. "It is hard to believe that only 10 years ago it was simply used as an ingredient for pumpkin pie during the holiday season. Hot chocolate has the potential to follow its tracks and become a seasonal flavor that consumers crave after and wait for all year around." Hot Cocoa Chips! Ahoy chewy cookies are flecked with marshmallow and fudge chips. Clif Bar has introduced a limited-edition hot chocolateflavored energy bar. Mars is launching M&M's hot chocolate-flavored candies for the holiday season. Nestle Toll House has rolled out a hot cocoa variety of break-and-bake cookie dough. Angie's Boomchickapop hot cocoa marshmallow flavored kettle corn is available exclusively at Target. 6 | Culinology | DECEMBER 2015

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Culinology - December 2015
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President's Letter - A day in the life
Emerging Trends - Hot cocoa flavor heats up
Gourmet porridge trend has ancient grain appeal
Ingredient Applications - Quality over calories
LYFE – Love Your Food Everyday
Flavor Trends - Sweet heat takes flight
Member Profile - A fresh perspective
Expert Voices - Cinnabon’s director of R&D finds room for innovation
Industry News - Mile High City hosts Future of Food Conference
Industry mourns loss of chef-entrepreneur Paul Prudhomme
Petits Fours - Tacos on the menu
Mintel identifies emerging trends for 2016
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Culinology - December 2015