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Research chef extraordinaire Herb Stockschlaeder, CRC, brings a passion for Culinology to every step of product development at Rosina Food Products. by Susan Malovany H erb Stockschlaeder II calls himself just an "ordinary, average guy." Yet it's sometimes the ordinary individuals who experience the extraordinary. For example, when Mr. Stockschlaeder was a culinary student back in 1987, he spent a full day working with the legendary Julia Child. "We were working on a Champagne/entrée pairing," he said, "and yes, I actually drank Dom Perignon with Julia!" Mr. Stockschlaeder, director of R&D and procurement at Rosina Food Products Inc., currently does not spend his days drinking Champagne with famous chefs. He does, however, direct the regulatory, product development and procurement functions at the Buffalo, N.Y.-based company while also acting as an internal mentor and advisor for those managing the food safety and quality operations. The road to R&D Mr. Stockschlaeder began his career as a classically trained chef after graduating from the New England Culinary Institute in 1989. He became a registered dietetic technician in Buffalo, his hometown, with the American Dietetic Association (now called the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) and worked in the health care industry. As the nutrition expert on a medical team, he provided clinical nutrition care for 120 patients until JUNE 2016 | Culinology | 31

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Culinology - June 2016

Culinology - June 2016
Table of Contents
President's Letter - Best job competition
Emerging Trends - Five millenial-fueled food trends
The sun is rising on Japanese small plates
Flavor Trends - Seeing innovation through the smoke
Ingredient Trends - Adventures in ancient grains
Member Profile - Research chef extraordinaire
Expert Voices - Gas vs. electric
Industry News from the Research Chefs Association
Culinology Book - New book digs deep into Culinology
Petits Fours - Hormel launches product line for cancer patients
Vermont indicates enforcement priorities for GMO labeling law
Feeding Hispanic millennials’ craving for culture
Combo meals regaining appeal
Dairy alternatives straying from soy
News Bites - Trendspotting at the Culinology Expo
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Culinology - June 2016