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Looking to scale up
your gourmet cookie

Increased distribution doesn't mean bakers
must compromise on taste and quality.
The demand for cookies
shows no sign of slowing down.
The market for this treat is
expanding as consumers seek
out indulgent options despite
growing health and wellness
trends. From rich chocolate
chunks to decadent caramel
pieces, cookies that embrace
decadence are creating big
sales for retail bakers.
"Taste is the biggest driver
of choice, and consumers
continue to seek out products
that offer new exciting tastes
and experiences," said David
Sprinkle, research director,
Packaged Facts. "Some

consumers, especially younger
people, want even more
indulgent, decadent and unique
choices. Darker chocolates,
double and triple chocolate,
stuffed cookies, richer cream
fillings, and frostings are all
part of the decadently delicious
cookie landscape."
Indulgence isn't the sole
factor driving cookie sales.
Clean label ingredients are
also propelling the segment's
growth as consumers turn down
products that contain artificial
ingredients or preservatives
and look for items that have an
artisan touch.

Jim Fontaine,
Bakery Specialist at Reiser,
discusses the latest trends in
cookies and how bakers can
reach more customers with
their signature products.


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