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One example of a system that enables exact
repeatability in portioning and linking is the
patented Vemag 500 Sausage Stuffer, designed
for smaller applications.
The system utilizes the proven positive
displacement double-screw pump to gently
transport and precisely portion product in
smear-free way, controlling the diameter of
the sausage through a sizing nozzle. "By
controlling the weight through the Vemag
and the diameter with the sizing nozzle, we
are able to achieve uniform lengths," explains
For greater flexibility, the modular construction
of the Vemag enables it to be configured or
reconfigured as needed or desired. A range
of attachments are available, including inline
grinders, linkers, casing holding devices, link
cutters and hangers.
The system also helps create sausage
A vacuum stuffer like the
Vemag continuous stuffer
(see product spotlight above)
incorporates the technology
of portioning and twist linking
casings. "Stuffing and linking
eliminates the need of the labor
of hand linking the casings
associated with a piston
stuffer," Neumann says.
At the same time, advances
in vacuum stuffing technologies
have allowed for greater
controls and, subsequently,
better portioning. Notes
Neumann: "Weight control has
been refined with the use of
better electronics and servo
motors that give us exact

products with the desired texture and mouthfeel
for the end consumer. An inline grinder knife and
grinder plates provide "just in time" grinding that
creates optimal particle definition.

In a number of ways,
stuffers with better controls
help processors address
the variability that is part of
sausage making.
Indeed, if sausage making
is part art, part science, it's
also part math. For example,
as sausage processors must
make products with the net
weights as listed on the
package, that task can be
challenging. "Because the
(product) density varies, the
weight of each individual
sausage can also vary slightly,
something we call a standard
deviation," says Neumann.
To meet weight requirements
and simultaneously reduce

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giveaway, processors can
tighten up standard deviations
by utilizing vacuum stuffer
systems that allow for more
exact portions.
Math also comes into play
when stuffing meat into natural
casings. Casings vary in
diameter based on their natural
properties, so meat stuffed
into a casing with a one-inch
diameter may result in a shorter
sausage than meat stuffed into
a casing that is less than an
inch in diameter.
By using vacuum stuffers
and length portioning linkers
designed for their type of
operation, small processors can
take advantage of technology
that allows for the creation of
sausages of equal length and
weight, despite any variations.

Size does Matter (Reiser -- 4 of 12)

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