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products is by using packaging
systems that can be integrated
seamlessly with linking and
cutting systems, such as tray
sealers, stretch wrappers and
form/fill/seal machines.


The Vemag LPV802 Linker produces sausages in natural
casings with fixed link lengths and weights.
The machine, in essence, does
the math for you.

Later in the process, link
cutting and packaging are also
important in the integrity and
consistency of the final fresh
sausage product.
Sausages produced at precise
lengths are also twisted at
exact lengths, which ensures
that the stuffed sausage mix is
properly locked into the casing.
When links in a series are cut
into individual links, it's crucial
that the cut is made in the exact

middle of the twist to keep the
sausage mix within the twisted
ends of the casing. Cut the link
at the wrong point, and you'll
get a resulting mess - and run
into customer dissatisfaction
pretty quickly.
Precise lengths are also
pivotal in the final package
presentation. If links of uneven
lengths are put into package,
they won't look uniform or, worse,
look misshapen or damaged.
On the topic of packaging,
another way to ensure
a smooth operation and
consistency in sausage

Learn more at our Reiser techspertise website.

Teams of master butchers
and meat specialists at Reiser
work with sausage companies
of all sizes and types to create
sausage products that meet
their standards and deliver
excellent eating experiences.
Reiser's systems for sausage
production include grinders,
cutters, emulsifiers, portioning
stuffers and linking equipment.
For the final product, Reiser
also offers packaging solutions,
with a range of form-fill/seal
packaging machines, tray
sealers and stretch wrappers.
Reiser's experts, like Stefan
Neumann and many others, lend
their knowledge and sausagemaking skill to assist processors
in developing and testing new
products, both in their plants
and in Reiser's state-of-the-art
customer center. Reiser invites
sausage producers of all sizes
to visit the Customer Center.
They can come and experiment
with all of Reiser's equipment,
test their recipes and explore
new processes, without the
constraints that often arise
in their own production
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Reiser Canada 1549 Yorkton Court, Unit 4, Burlington, ON L7P 5B7 * Telephone (905) 631-6611 * Fax (905) 631-6607
Reiser UK Maidstone Road, Kingston, Milton Keynes MK10 0BD * Telephone (01908) 585300 * Fax (01908) 585400

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Size does Matter (Reiser -- 4 of 12)

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