Hit Your Injection Targets (Reiser -- 7 of 12) - 2

"When you work with injection, it's an entire
process. If one step in the process is off, the
finished product won't meet your goals."
- Scott Steinman, Reiser Application Specialist
clogged needles, higher than
normal pump pressures due
to declining yields, excess
drip loss, product variations,
inconsistent yields and costly
The difference between an
unsatisfying experience and
a satisfying one - from both
consumption and production
standpoints - is based on
many factors, including the
effectiveness of the injection
process. Processors injecting
meat and poultry products

Reiser_Injection_Ezine_0919_v3.indd 2

for the purpose of adding
value, tenderizing, marinating
and curing products rely
on machines that inject the
product correctly every time
and that withstand the rigors of
the environment.
Precision and consistency
are important with machines
that use needles to penetrate
meat, poultry and seafood as
a way to add flavor, tenderize
a cut, infuse preservatives or
or increase

yields as well as speed up the
production process. If any of
the steps in the process are not
properly maintained, problems
will arise and be confirmed in
the final yields and finished
Ultimately, processors want
and need consistency when
injecting and dispersing
brines throughout their meat
products. Going back to the
consumer experience, if half
the meat is over-injected and
the other half is under-injected,
quality suffers and, with it,
the reputation of a brand or a
retailer or foodservice operator
that purveys that product.
"Achieving uniformity day
after day, month after month

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Hit Your Injection Targets (Reiser -- 7 of 12)

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