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has external brine piping that
eliminates dead zones and low
flow areas. The pump pressure
is easily adjustable. It features
simple pneumatics to adjust the
stripper feet for denser or more
delicate products. Its built-in
central lubrication and cleanin-place (CIP) systems reduce

Bacon is one product that
can be improved with injection.
With growing demand, bacon
processors are looking for
ways to optimize that process.
"They run bacon fast, hard
and continuous," reports
Steinman, adding that issues
that slow bacon lines are
costly. "We recently worked
with a bacon company that
injected 150,000 pounds of
bacon and didn't have a single
clogged needle."
Through its Fomaco injector
system for bacon, Reiser helps
operators minimize drip loss and
maintain pump pressure, thereby
saving on curing and seasoning.
A precise, programmable injector
can be easily adjusted and
adapted to process a wide range
of products - including pork
bellies with different lean-to-fat
ratios - with greater control over
each application. "We've helped

bacon processors produce
more consistent products and
increase their yields significantly,"
notes Steinman.

Even as injection technologies
improve and there is a
greater level of automation,
it's still important for users to
understand the injection process.
"It's the operators who have the
keys to the car, as I like to say.
The person who loads it every
day learns to run the machine
well," declares Steinman.
He also emphasizes the
importance of addressing
problems right away. "If
operators suspect something
is wrong, like a clogged
needle, they need to notify
a supervisor immediately, to

Learn more at our Reiser techspertise website.

Reiser 725 Dedham Street, Canton, MA 02021 * Telephone (781) 821-1290 * Fax (781) 821-1316
Reiser Canada 1549 Yorkton Court, Unit 4, Burlington, ON L7P 5B7 * Telephone (905) 631-6611 * Fax (905) 631-6607
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prevent downtime time and
problems with yield or quality,"
he advises.
Reiser offers a variety of
opportunities to help educate
and train processors on
how to best operate its
systems. Reiser's Application
Specialists, like Scott Steinman
and many others, lend their
knowledge and injection
expertise to assist processors,
both in their plants and at
Reiser's state-of-the-art
Customer Center.
Reiser invites meat processors
to visit the Customer Center and
experiment with all of Reiser's
equipment, including Fomaco
Injectors. Here processors can
test their recipes and explore
new applications without the
constraints that often arise in
their own production environment.
Contact Reiser at (781) 821-1290
to schedule a visit.

https://reiserexperts.com/injection/ http://www.reiserexperts.com

Hit Your Injection Targets (Reiser -- 7 of 12)

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