Risco - December 2016 - 2

"Whether it's a direct deposit system over a package
machine or tray system or a target such as a tortilla
shell, we use some of the most durable and reliable
components available. This, along with multiple staff
programmers who came from meat processing plants
and understand all aspects of manufacturing, propel
us to provide effective systems and solutions."

says Paul Kean, vice president at Risco USA, who cites
an example. "As this technology became more prevalent
throughout many industries, those who once used pneumatic
or hydraulic systems now use more precise controls such
as servo, liner actuators or PLC control. This opened up the
market share for those willing to create custom systems to
solve end user issues in their day-to-day operations."
Kean knows a thing or two about the industry's evolution and
the new techniques and equipment that deliver on efficiency
and custom operations, given his role as one of the co-founders
of Risco USA, with President Alan Miller and administrator
Deborah Miller. "It is very important to pay attention to market
trends in the market and be ready to have a solution for the
next package/product being introduced to the public," he says,
adding, "We always have an eye on the horizon."
So, what's on the horizon now? Kean points to more discerning
consumers who are looking for a broader range of products
that meet their needs. "We have seen a new market segment
in the last several years that our equipment performs very well
with: raw and gluten-free products," he reports.
In the short term, Risco USA's new and domestically developed
solutions include stuffers, mixers and grinders that were
recently unveiled to an international audience at the IFFA show
in Frankfurt, Germany.



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