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As innovation advances and marketplaces shift, one constant
for Risco USA is its expertise and ability to engage with its
customers. "We've been put to the challenge many times
with some very large processors to create equipment that
doesn't exist and speeds that most deemed impossible. We
collectively think outside the box and work with clients to solve
and improve challenges they face," notes Kean.
Alan Miller agrees that one of Risco USA's best advantages
is its people. "Our company culture is very personal with our
customers. One thing we make sure everyone knows in the
company is that we 'do the right thing'. We truly believe if you
do right it has a return long term," he says, adding, "It's not just
equipment - it's a company with people who care."

Flashback: 1996
In 1996, people were talking about
the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, the
presidential race between incumbent
Bill Clinton and contender Bob Dole and
the divorce between Prince Charles and
Princess Diana. In the meat and poultry
industry, food safety remained at the
forefront, while industry consolidation
was beginning to impact the drive
toward efficiency and greater capacity,
among other factors.

founders' goal was to create a wellknown brand name and deliver top
notch service, underscores the
importance of integrity in building a
business the way that they have in two
decades. "It's a slow consistent ride
that you must be willing to take and not
take shortcuts. If you say you will do
something, do it at whatever the cost.
This builds trust and customer loyalty,"
he notes.

It was at this time that Alan Miller,
Deborah Miller and Paul Kean came
together to launch Risco USA in
Massachusetts. Even then, compared
to Europe, systems in the U.S. market
were expected to be built for durability
and versatility, running longer and
harder in often intense conditions.

He says the team has learned some
other kinds of lessons along the way.
"It takes long hours and many jobs
that are just not fun but absolutely
necessary for success. Also learning to
be who you are as a company and who
you're not," he advises, adding one last
funny but true caveat. "Never give keys
to a new Saleen Mustang to a company
filled with motor heads."

Kean, who says that Risco USA's

Risco USA Corporation
60 Bristol Dr.


South Easton, MA 02375


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