Ground Meat Production - Risco November 2018 - 1

Solving the Case for Versatile
Case-Ready Ground Meat Production


he consumer takes many forms - after all,
there are differences in the way people
shop, where they live, what they like to eat
and how they prepare their foods. Reflecting
the consumer-driven marketplace, today's meat
products also encompass many forms, even
staples like ground meats.
One look at a typical meat case confirms such
greater variety, with offerings including ground meat
packaged in a classic foam tray with overwrap,
chubs of ground beef, ground beef bricks in a
vacuum package and value-added, ready-to-cook
options like burger patties, loaves and meatballs.
Although ground beef is still dominant, interest in
other proteins has resulted in more ground meat
choices for consumers, including turkey, chicken,
pork, lamb, veal and bison. Even the type of grind

The Case for Case-Ready Options
* 80 percent of shoppers believe case ready
meat is as good or better than meat that is
portioned/packaged in store.
("The Power of Meat" study, 2018)

* The most popular alternatives to beef
burgers include, in order: veggie, turkey,
chicken, bison, seafood, bean/lentil, pork
and mushroom.
(Schweid and Sons, Burger Trend Report, 2018)

* As the competition gets more crowded and
complex, consumers look for quality through
cues of freshness and unique ingredients in
any occasion and from every segment.
(U.S. Burger Trends Market Report, Mintel, 2018)


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