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Making international flavors more accessible to the
average consumer is stock and trade for Trader Joe's,
which recently began selling kunefe. The Middle
Eastern dessert features outer crusts made of kataïfi
(shredded phyllo dough) and an interior blend of
mozzarella and mizithra, a ricotta-like cheese made
from sheep or goat milk.
Globally inspired cheeses are finding their way into
more mainstream snacks as well. "The proliferation
of snacking and endless snack occasions creates
additional opportunities for new food pairings and
cross-merchandising offered in stores and other
channels," Richard explains.
CCD Innovation's new product database confirms that
cheese producers and snack companies are innovating
with new formats and tapping into on-trend flavors
that appeal to consumer preferences for bold, unique
tastes. Carr Valley Cheese, for example, has created
individually packed cheese breadsticks inspired by
a Finnish recipe that can be eaten warm. Cheese
Fusions from Norseland has played with formats,
creating little cheese bites infused with Hispanic
flavors, such as Fiery Habanero and Smoked Chipotle
Cheddar. And Borden Cheese introduced Habanero
Cheddar mozzarella string cheese.

Premiumization can serve as a way to promote global
products and flavors. The Hartman Group research finds
that distinct flavors, sourcing and price effect consumer
preference for cheese. Innovation that incorporates
bold, ethnic flavors and features the 'cheese story' on
product labels lends a uniquely authentic quality to
more mainstream products. Premium cheese products
that can be labeled as craft, small batch, exclusive and
internationally inspired create an appeal to consumers.
"Producing and marketing a quality or premium cheese
or ingredient is appealing to consumers, and infusing
distinctive flavors creates excitement, elevating the
food experience," Abbott says.


Saputo Cheese USA Inc. leveraged consumer interest in
bold tastes with the recent launch of its Stella Rubbed
Fontinella Wedges. The creamy cheese is hand-rubbed
to create four unique flavor combinations: Basil Pesto,
Harrissa, Bourbonista™ and Black Pepper.
Refrigerated dips, meanwhile posted significant growth
for the 52 weeks ending June 16, 2019, according to
IRI's quarterly sales report of the U.S. snacking market.
Cream cheese-based dips and spreads with on-trend
flavors in particular flourished. Kraft Heinz recently
launched new Philadelphia-branded dips leveraging
the popularity of Hispanic-inspired flavors, including
Jalapeño Cheddar and Southwest-Style with black
beans and corn.


Saputo - August 2019

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