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Breakfast Anyone? The Morning Meal Creates New Prospects for Cheese
Eating occasions are constantly evolving, and cheese
producers and manufacturers must evolve with them.
Hartman Group qualitative insights and quantitative data
show that health-conscious consumers seek functional and
tasty food options throughout the day. Cheese products
are a mindful snacking option-even at breakfast.
"Research shows that most consumers tend to eat
cheese as a snack-typically from noontime on," says
Melissa Abbott, vice president for Hartman Retainer
Services. "More recently, morning occasions for cheese
and cheese product consumption have increased,
especially among Millennials who prefer savory foods
and are not as concerned about fat."
Consumers also are recognizing the value and convenience
of frozen foods for every meal occasion. Sales of
frozen breakfast meals rose 8.3 percent and breakfast
sandwiches increased 3.9 percent in 2018, the National
Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association reports.

Influenced by Hispanic cuisines, breakfast sandwich
makers have evolved their offerings to also include
breakfast tacos or burritos. Breakfast bowls are
becoming popular as well, in part because they can
be made with globally inspired ingredients from
Hispanic and Asian cuisine, according to Packaged
Facts' "Bundle: Breakfast Trends and Opportunities"
reports. "Race and ethnicity emerge as distinguishing
characteristics in breakfast usage and habits," David
Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts, said
upon the reports' release.
Food manufacturers also are serving up spicy
breakfast options with health claims touting their
organic or high protein composition. For example,
Good Food Made Simple offers breakfast burritos
made with cheeses ranging from cheddar and
Monterey Jack to feta. Breakfast bowls, enchiladas
and flatbread sandwiches also offer portable meals in
multiple flavors and formats.



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