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lend international distinction to paninis and pizzas.
Saputo's Great Midwest® brands took the classic taste
of aged Cheddar and blended in favorite flavors, like
fiery, hot ghost peppers, creating a uniquely different,
artisanal cheese. The Great Midwest® jalapeño and
habanero Monterey Jack cheeses turn up the heat in
any dish. And visit the Greek Islands without leaving
home by slicing into the Great Midwest® Mediterranean
Cheddar cheese, featuring a combination of sun-dried
tomatoes, Kalamata olives and a spice blend. These
ethnically flavored cheeses create a distinctive eating
experience for consumers.
Cheese products only remain relevant if new varieties
and flavors are continuously introduced. Globally
inspired cheeses and flavor profiles create excitement
by infusing distinctly different, ethnic tastes into more
familiar products.

Consumers are not cooking as often, and if they do,
they make partially homemade meals combining takehome fresh, frozen and refrigerated foods to embellish
them. This trend creates a great space for producers to
innovate cheese and cheese products, like appetizers,
sides, and desserts, according to Hartman data.
Producers and manufacturers are infusing global
flavors, such as Hot Ghost Pepper, Jalapeño, and
Habanero, into cheese products consumers use daily.
Offered in multiple formats, these flavors elevate the
taste experience of traditional foods like nachos and
hamburgers. Middle Eastern- and Mediterranean-spiced
cheeses with sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives

Saputo produces, markets and distributes a wide array
of dairy products of the utmost quality, including cheese,
fluid milk, extended shelf-life milk and cream products,
cultured products and dairy ingredients. Saputo is one
of the top-10 dairy processors in the world, the largest
cheese manufacturer and the leading fluid milk and cream
processor in Canada, the top dairy processor in Australia
and the second largest in Argentina. In the U.S., Saputo
ranks among the top-three cheese producers and is
one of the largest producers of extended shelf-life and
cultured dairy products.


Saputo provides consistent quality for food
manufacturers, with the pride and quality you
would expect from a family of cheesemakers. Our
vast portfolio of cheeses for food manufacturing
offers exceptional taste, texture, aroma and culinary
performance, at a scale you can count on. Saputo is
also a trusted supplier of the world's most renowned
cheeses, from classic French brie to Spanish Manchego.
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