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Add Flavor Appeal to
Meat-Centric Diets
The Paleo diet is based on the concept
of eating what humans are genetically
adapted to eat, in other words, foods
presumed to have been eaten by early
humans. This consists mainly of meat, fish,
vegetables and fruit, and excludes dairy
or grain products and processed food. It
is estimated that 1% of the U.S. population
follows a Paleo diet and that its popularity
is growing.
There's an even larger segment of the
population that restricts carbohydrate
intake, either for health reasons, e.g.,
diabetes, or for wellness benefits. These
consumers avoid the carbohydrates found
in grains, sweeteners, and starchy fruits
and vegetables. They seek out foods high
in protein and fat. Both types of diets often
include lots of meat and poultry.
To liven up these proteins, consumers rely
on herbs and spices because traditional
condiments often contain large amounts
of sugar or syrup, the carbohydrates these
dieters want to avoid. Culinary professionals
are increasingly exploring the use of prune
plum ingredients to make no-added-sugar
sauces that appeal to Paleo and low-carb
"Compared with sucrose, which has a
relative sweetness rating of 100, prune
juice concentrate has a relative sweetness

About Sunsweet Ingredients
Sunsweet Ingredients are produced by Sunsweet
Growers Inc., a grower-owned cooperative
founded in the valleys of Northern California in
1917. Headquartered in Yuba City, Calif., Sunsweet
has evolved into a global company with wide
international distribution of branded retail products
and dispersed production operations in California,
Chile and Argentina. All of processing takes place at
the company's 22-acre factory in Yuba City, which is
the largest dried plum processing facility in the world.
Even after 100 years in business, the core of
Sunsweet's mission has always been the same: to
provide consumers great eating experiences and

of 46.95," says Rick Perez, research and
development chef and spokesperson for
Sunsweet Growers Inc., Yuba City, Calif. "Yet
in blind tastings, most people prefer these
no-added-sugar sauces to comparable
sauces with added sugar."
Chef Perez and his team developed a
number of no-added-sugar sauces using
prune plum ingredients. There's a traditional
marinara with 2% fresh plum concentrate,
which rounds out flavors and drives down
acidity, enhancing the impact of the
tomatoes and herbs. Higher levels of the
ingredient work similarly in pizza sauce,
salsa and enchilada sauce.
"Fresh plum concentrate along with dried
plum puree can be used to make noadded-sugar barbecue sauces," he says.
"By varying the amounts and the herbs and
spices, we've made everything from classic
to spicy to tamari barbecue sauce."

good health. The practices of Sunsweet's growers
ensure the best flavor, nutrient levels and consistency
in the industry.

For more information about Sunsweet
Ingredients, visit

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