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Check Your 4 � e f Y hp' SFas q I bow Potato Hydrometer !R"lrl w t � � n T it W E y J it" Convenience Foods Association 7^ Specific Gravity is the most widely accepted measurement of potato quality and one of the most diffiag for potato processors to measure . That's why we perfected the unique SEA Potato Hydrometer.You'll be able to perform the simple yet amazingly accurate test that can increase the yield of your customer 's potato processing .Potatoes containing up to 25% solid matter,as revealed by SEA's Potato Hydrometer ,have been shown to produce chips with higher yields,less oil, and better texture . Had out more at wwws / 0 M SNACK FOOD To order call: 703.836.4500 or order online at ASSOCIATION Ni lntemetional rraaeAssocie[ion 1600 W lion Blvd., Suite 650 Arlington,Virginia 22209 pppp Not An SFA Member? Then you're not getti ng the hide story about equipment, ingredienh, produch and services that help you build your tininess and our indusityJoin Today !

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Snack World - August 2009