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Products & Services SNACK FOOD PARTNER Snack producers can partner with Rudolph Foods to make or sell pork rinds — whether they’re in the market for unpopped pellets, Rudolph-branded snacks or private label snacks. Its proprietary 2-step production process uses a slower method, which provides better control over product quality and gives its pork rinds a natural smokehouse bacon flavor. Rudolph Foods has more than 350 employees and six facilities in the US as well as three international ventures. The company has expanded into additional areas of the snack food industry while maintaining its presence as the nation’s leading producer of pork rinds and cracklins. Rudolph Foods is working to enact a National Pork Rind Appreciation Day on the same day as the Big Game 2012, and it encourages all members of the snack and pork rind industry to get involved at (419) 648-3611 BAGMAKERS Kliklok-Woodman’s P3-G3 line of constant/intermittent motion bagmakers offers higher speeds and improved bag registration for snack food packaging. They match real-world snack food packaging rates of 90 to 120 bpm with a single tube. Because of their ability to switch between constant and intermittent motion, the bagmakers provide versatility and bag format flexibility (pillow, flat/block bottom, gusseted and stand-up pouch). The family of bagmakers offers single- and twintube options. (770) 981-5200 VALUE-ADDED HONEY The National Honey Board assists baking companies and snack food manufacturers by offering technical guidance and formulation ideas for using honey in new bakery and snack food products. A recent usage study conducted by the National Honey Board suggests that a price premium of 10% may be associated with the use of real honey. Snack food manufacturers can capitalize on honey’s valueadded benefits by calling the National Honey Board to learn how the addition of honey can enhance the flavor and value of a variety of baking and snack foods. (303) 776-2337 CONVEYOR DRIVE Intralox’s intermediate Drive (i-Drive) technology is a system that engages the belt in both the carryway and returnway. This new continuous conveyor belt. Because i-Drive blocks are designed for use with Intralox modular plastic belts, the maintenance, contamination and lubrication problems experienced with metal belts are eliminated. The i-Drive technology can be applied to existing conveyors. It prevents product tippage and misorientation and improves product quality by eliminating back pressure at transfer points. (504) 733-0463 LOW-PRESSURE EXTRUDERS Reading Bakery Systems’ Low Pressure (LP) Extruders create a variety of filled and flat extruded technology allows customers to combine multiple turns, inclines and straight runs all on one pretzels and snacks. By changing forming dies in the extruder, the operator can produce of a wide array of baked foods including hard pretzels, sticks, bread snacks and chocolate chip cookies. The selfcontained unit, including operator controls, uses low-pressure extrusion and pre-feed forcing rolls to create uniform dough flow with whole, undamaged hard or soft inclusions. Beveled carbon steel cutting blades are electrostatically coated with a food-grade, nonstick coating for clean cutting, reduced product distortion and virtually no dough or inclusions sticking to the blade. Filled-stick and fried-snack extrusion systems offer additional capabilities to create an even greater array of snacks. (610) 693-5816 August 2011 Snack World 25

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Snack World - August 2011
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Snack World - August 2011