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PRODUCTS & SERVICES FLEXIBLE SNACK LINES Pretzel and bread snack systems from Reading Bakery Systems produce 880 to 2,200 lb per hour and can be installed as automatic or manually operated lines. The company's turnkey lines often include the Low Pressure (LP) Extruder that creates pretzel shapes, sticks and other extruded snack products. Custom dies allow for unique shapes, and co-extrusion allows for one-ofa-kind presentations and textures. (610) 678-5890 COATING TECHNOLOGY APEC's Mistcoater SST offers special features that increase sanitation in the liquid application process. The upgraded design includes food grade components, stainless steel contact surfaces and food grade gaskets, which increase sanitation. The unit is completely enclosed, which allows for process containment and easy housekeeping. APEC's Mistcoater line uses spinning disks instead of clogprone spray nozzles to apply liquids onto dry product. (616) 374-1000 VERSATILE ROBOTIC GROUPER The Swing Machine from BluePrint Automation groups bags, cartons or tubs using a single machine that handles all three packaging formats. The flexible servo-driven robotic cell features a small footprint and ensures smooth placement when packing bags, cartons or tubs into cases, crates or other secondary containers. (804) 520-5400 SCALE PARTS WASHERS Douglas Machines Corp. expanded its line of scale parts washers by adding a compact economy model that minimizes the need for mezzanine modifications and helps overcome clearance issues. Parts are loaded at the weigh station and transported to the washer on specialized slide-in/slide-out wash racks mounted on a convenient transport dolly. This feature protects the parts during transfer and extends their lifespan by reducing the number of times the parts are handled. The typical wash/rinse cycle takes five minutes. (800) 331-6870 SUPERGRAIN QUINOA CRISPS Light and nutty in flavor, quinoa crisps from SK Food International are crunchy in texture and impart identity-preserved, whole grain, non-GMO and certified-organic benefits to snacks. Quinoa is often called a supergrain because of its high level of protein and superior content of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. It is also gluten-free. SK Food prepares quinoa crisps through a custom milling process and offers them in sizes ranging from 1.7 to 3.75 mm. Packaging sizes include 50-lb bags and bulk totes. (701) 356-4106 TOPICAL SEASONING BLENDS DairiConcepts' Classic Savory topical seasoning blends - creamy sour cream and onion, garlic butter, natural ranch, French cheese and custom blends - provide improved dispersion and better topical coverage through new formulations. Kosher and organic certifications are available. (877) 596-4374 August 2015 Snack World 29

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Snack World - August 2015
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Letter from SFA - GMO Free
Top-Level Education
News - Younger consumers fuel the healthy snacking trend
Gluten-free remains a viable, growing segment
Clean label attracts older consumers
Supplier Insight - The SFA ROI: Supplier’s Perspective
Legislative Summit - SFA Takes to the Hill
Business Profile Member - A Fortune 500 Mindset
Associate Profile Member - Customer-Centric in Every Sense
Snack Trends - Sorting Out the Snacks Segment
Non-GMO on the rise?
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Snack World - August 2015