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LETTER FROM SFA MANN DEMPSEY MANN MORGAN GMO Free A s I write this, H.R. 1559 - "The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act" initiated by Congressmen Pompeo and Butterfield - has just passed with a bipartisan 275-150 vote in the House of Representatives. SFA and many of the food trade associations fully supported this bill and worked hard to gain support on Capitol Hill. However, this does not mean SFA or its individual company members oppose GMO-free products. Quite the contrary! Many of our members produce and market GMO-free products, and many more will in the future. What our members can't support is a patchwork of differing state GMO laws. The potential for different wording on labels, placement of wording, definitions of GMO, and worst yet, exceptions for certain products would be costly and limit consumer choices. H.R. 1599 addresses these concerns and allows for consistency and transparency. Consumers who wish to avoid GMOs will have easy access to information to help them choose products to fit their preferences, just as they do now for Certified Organic products. The snack industry has thrived by producing and marketing products consumers want. We have already reacted to demand for gluten free, less salt, less fat, more protein, healthier profile and more. We will continue to urge the US Senate to propose companion legislation to H.R. 1599 to prevent a confusing and costly patchwork of labeling rules from eliminating options or increasing the cost to snack makers and consumers. It's true there have never been more snacking options in the aisle, and our members will continue to offer GMO-free choices ... marketed to those who wish to purchase them. - Thomas Dempsey, CEO, Snack Food Association Top-Level Education T his fall, two of SFA's most innovative and beneficial programs will take place. The Executive Leadership Forum (ELF) at West Virginia's Greenbrier Resort Sept. 20-22 and the Emerging Leaders Program at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, Oct. 25-27. No two programs better represent what our trade association brings to our members. ELF is for top-level executives from both our business and associate members. The three-day event is filled with great networking opportunities, cutting-edge speakers and an up-close retailer panel. If you or your executive team haven't registered, you'll miss one of the top events of the year! The Emerging Leaders Program will be the inaugural event for this educational session. Designed for identified upwardly mobile personnel in first- or second-level supervision, or just entering supervision, Georgetown's all-star faculty will cover leadership, communication and negotiation skills. What company's personnel planning chart doesn't need this? The program had a maximum capacity of 50 attendees, and it sold out in less than four weeks. The event currently has a waiting list, and a winter program is being considered. Take advantage of your SFA membership. Regardless of the title, job description or the product line, your company and your employees can benefit. - Dan Morgan, Chairman, Snack Food Association 6 Snack World August 2015

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Snack World - August 2015
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