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Explore the flavor functions
of vanilla and on-trend
innovative applications.
View Takasago's vertically
integrated vanilla production
process to better understand
how having control - from
pollination of flowers to
production of premium
extract - ensures the bestquality vanilla ingredients.


VANILLA, it's a famed flavor in baked
goods, ice cream, and nutritional bars and
beverages. It's also a non-characterizing flavor
in many sweet and savory applications, products
served warm and cold.
Vanilla extract is the purest form of vanilla
flavor. It is a spice derived from the vining orchid
of the genus Vanilla, which thrives only in tropical
climates within 20 latitudinal degrees of the
equator. There are many species of Vanilla, with
two dominating the vanilla extract market.
The V. planifolia plants are primarily grown in
Mexico and was later introduced in Madagascar
where it flourished. These beans have a strong,
familiar vanilla flavor from the concentrated levels
of vanillin (4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde).
The V. tahitensis beans come from mostly Tahiti
and Papua New Guinea, and provide a much
more subdued flavor with fruity, floral and sweet
nuances, as this species contains less vanillin.

The beans contain more than 300 distinct
flavor compounds, which vary according to the
region where they are grown. These flavors
become more complex when they are dried and
fermented prior to extraction, with the extraction
process also influencing the final flavor profile.
This is why Vanilla has earned a reputation of
being the most labor-intensive and complex
agricultural crop in the world.
Takasago, a global company headquartered
in Tokyo, is a vertically integrated supplier of
vanilla extracts and flavors. As one of the top
10 flavor and fragrance companies in the world,
Takasago's Consumer Insights & Market Research
Group is missioned to gain a deep understanding
of the consumer mindset through research and
apply those findings into helping their customers
develop the best-tasting foods and beverages.
The Group's vanilla experts are ready to be your
strategic partner for future winning innovations.


Vanilla - Takasago 2020

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