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Takasago's joint venture in Madagascar places
the global company in the heart of the vanilla cultivation zone.

Pure Vanilla Extract Appeals to Label-Reading Consumers
Today's shoppers bring a broader, more
sophisticated range of criteria with them when
shopping for foods and beverages. They want
products to be as close to natural as possible,
and that means no artificial ingredients, such as
synthetic colors, flavors or preservatives. Clean
label is something that is proving to be even more
valued during these uncertain times, as consumers
are taking control of their health by being selective
with what they put into their bodies.
Farm-to-fork traceability translates to the
authenticity and transparency consumers

increasingly demand. Takasago's vertically
integrated vanilla production process - from
pollination of flowers to production of premium
extract - ensures the best-quality vanilla
Vanilla ingredients are the only flavorings
subject to a federal standard of identity. Vanilla
extract, the purest form of vanilla flavor extracted
from vanilla beans, allows for a natural product
positioning in the marketplace, providing all other
ingredients comply with regulations.

Top Five New Product Categories Featuring Vanilla
1. Bakery
2. Chocolate/Confectionery
3. Snacks
4. Desserts and Ice Cream
5. Dairy Foods
Source: Mintel

Pure vanilla extract contains 13.35 ounces of vanilla beans
per gallon during extraction, according to FDA specifications.
That's how pure vanilla extract provides superior vanilla flavor.


Vanilla - Takasago 2020

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