Vanilla - Takasago 2020 - 3

Vertically Integrated Vanilla Manufacturing Produces
Premium Vanilla Ingredients
The global market is increasingly interested
in natural ingredients. Sourcing raw materials
in a constant and safe way is of fundamental
importance for Takasago.
In September 2012, Takasago created
" Takasago Madagascar, " a joint-venture company
with Ramanandraibe Export, one of the biggest
and experienced vanilla operators in Madagascar.
Owning its own factory, with local vanilla
experts, extraction and processing equipment,
Takasago ensures the best vanilla quality by
fully controlling the production process. This
presence in Madagascar enables the company
to provide better market intelligence and deal
with factors influencing supply, such as providing
early indications on crops and price forecasts of
In true Japanese spirit, the company has
established long-term cooperative partnerships
to ensure its supply of vanilla is socially and
environmentally sustainable. This is accomplished
with the help of Ramanandraibe Export, which
grants Takasago accessibility to planters.

" Ensuring traceability of our vanilla beans is
important, " says Walter Crawley, Vice PresidentMarketing, Takasago USA. " All the beans that
Takasago purchases are certified from the
Madagascar authorities about absence of
pesticides, naturality and Bourbon quality. This
system also allows Takasago to reward the work
done by Madagascar beans planters, preparers
and producers. "
The joint venture practices pre-financing, which
supports the local economy and stimulates
planters to harvest beans when fully mature to
provide optimum quality. The company pays
a fair price for all vanilla beans purchased and
ensures that no planter is discriminated against.
" The combination of the best vanilla sources
along with sophisticated analytical and extraction
techniques enables Takasago to capture the
true essence of nature and transform it into
a completely new vanilla taste perspective, "
says Crawley. " La Vanille T " , which means an
extensive and unique palette of vanilla nuances, is
Takasago's signature vanilla brand. "


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