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Regional Flavor Variations
for Adventurous Palates
Today's consumers are paying closer attention to
the origins of their foods and beverages, including
provenance of imported ingredients. This trend is
intensifying amongst adults who no longer travel
the world for work or pleasure due to COVID-19
restrictions and concerns. They are looking to
recreate memorable experiences, such as that
specialty cocktail enjoyed poolside last winter break
or the cream puff and cappuccino in the hotel lobby
after spending all day in the company's overseas
headquarters boardroom.
" The flavor profiles of vanilla from different
regions are familiar enough to be accessible to
consumers, but have a bit of differentiation and
a global feel that distinguishes them from 'plain'

vanilla, " says Julie Colvin, Consumer Insights and
Market Research Analyst. " Today's consumers
are looking for authentic tastes and global
experiences. "
This is why Takasago developed the VIVID® Vanilla
flavors line, a proprietary solution that provides
highly sought after, true-to-nature taste, expertly
crafted by experienced scientists and flavorists
using state-of-the-art technology. To earn and bear
the VIVID® name, each flavor must be validated
as a precise match to the comprehensive flavor
composition of the real food - the gold standard -
via quantitative descriptive analysis.
The VIVID® line includes six different regional
vanilla flavor profiles.

Takasago has eight creation centers around the world to customize vanilla flavor profiles for
its customers. Each center is designed to meet regional regulatory compliance while delivering
consumer-preferred profiles using the intelligence of the company's Consumer Insights & Market
Research Group. La Vanille T, which means an extensive and unique palette of vanilla nuances,
is Takasago's signature vanilla brand. It's the base of all the company's vanilla flavors and vanilla
extract extenders.


Vanilla - Takasago 2020

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