Vanilla - Takasago 2020 - 5

Takasago's Consumer Insights & Market Research Group is missioned to gain a deep
understanding of the consumer mindset through research and apply those findings into helping
their customers develop the best-tasting foods and beverages. The Group's vanilla experts are
ready to be your strategic partner for future winning innovations.

Data from Mintel shows that 7% of all new foods and
beverages introduced in 2018 and 2019 contained vanilla.

VIVID® Vanilla Flavor Profiles
* INDIAN vanilla is sweet, creamy and very
aromatic with hints of chocolate. It is used in
cakes, cookies, ice cream and sweet sauces, as
well as a flavoring in coffee.
* INDONESIAN vanilla is sweet and creamy with
earthy, woody undertones and slight fruity,
fig-like notes. Indonesian vanilla stands up well
against strong brown flavors, such as caramel
and chocolate.
* MADAGASCAR vanilla is the most popular type
of vanilla and has a clear, creamy flavor. Also
known as Bourbon vanilla, Madagascar vanilla
complements many different foods, everything
from apples and pears to eggs and fish to ice
cream and yogurt.
* MEXICAN vanilla has a clear, creamy flavor with
pronounced sweet brown and caramel notes

while being low in phenolic and smoky flavors.
This robust flavor makes Mexican vanilla
perfect for foods and beverages characterized
as vanilla, such as baked goods, cheesecakes,
chocolate desserts, custards, crème brulee and
ice cream.
* TAHITIAN vanilla is extremely complex with
floral aromas and undertones of ripe fruit
with a deep, rich flavor that includes caramel,
cherry, chocolate and licorice. Low levels of
vanillin make Tahitian vanilla applicable to sweet
and savory applications.
* UGANDAN vanilla has an earthy flavor with
hints of creamy milk chocolate. High levels
of vanillin complement foods and beverages
containing chocolate, including ice cream,
cookies and indulgent beverages.


Vanilla - Takasago 2020

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