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Takasago cultivates, harvests, processes and extracts its own
vanilla locally in Madagascar, selecting the best vanilla pod
quality and influencing the whole curing process.

Putting Vanilla to Work
Vanilla is a characterizing flavor in many foods
and beverages. It also is a behind-the-scenes
flavor, working with other characterizing flavors
and enhancing their presence.
Quality vanilla may potentiate other flavors
when used at low doses. It boosts the
tastes of other brown flavors, namely
chocolate, coffee and nuts, as
well as some fruit flavors. When
used with citrus, the right vanilla
masks the acid bite, giving the
product creamy notes. Vanilla
may also enhance the sweetness
of some foods, allowing for a sugar
and calorie reduction. And with
center-of-plate proteins, vanilla adds an
extra layer of flavor, giving depth to umami.
Vanilla pairs well with sweet natural flavors

like honey and maple, as well as ingredients
that have a healthful halo, such as lavender and
mint. Vanilla is well poised to be part of culinaryinspired flavor profiles, such as barrel-aged,
caramelized and smoked.
Vanilla is a common flavor in plantbased foods and beverages, as it
helps smooth out the bitterness
and earthy notes by providing
a touch of sweetness. Vanilla
can enhance smoky or burnt
notes detected in coffee and tea
beverages and it can be a subtle
but unnoticed complementary
flavor to a chocolate beverage.
Vanilla flavors also brighten high-proof
liquors, providing delicate nuances in rum,
whiskey, brandy, malt based and vodka beverages.

About Takasago
Takasago International Corporation was
established in Japan in 1920. For 100 years,
with a corporate philosophy of " Contributing
to Society through Technology " in mind,
Takasago has developed flavors and fragrances
for some of the world's most successful
manufacturers of foods, beverages, fine
fragrances, home and personal care products.

The company maintains offices, production
sites and R&D centers in 27 countries and
regions. Through its network of global research,
production, creativity and marketing, the
company develops products tailored to the
needs of individual markets.
For more information, visit
or call (201) 767-9001.

Vanilla - Takasago 2020

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