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Spotlight on Innovation

For decades, choosing a baked goods supplier
for your business has meant choosing between
true convenience and true craftsmanship.

European market leader Banquet d'Or® set out to change that.
Their authentic range of easy to bake, easy to love pastries
and breads has ushered in a new golden era of planet-friendly
product innovation, and restaurants and retailers no longer need
to compromise-and their customers have never been happier.
Crafted in Europe from traditional recipes and pure ingredients
like real French butter, artisanal Banquet d'Or® Bake'Up®
products are celebrated for their superior taste, texture and
Clean Label promise-all while saving businesses time, storage
space and logistics costs. Now, they've brought their passion
for delicious pastries and modern innovation to the US market.


Banquet D'Or (Vandemoortele)

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