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Innovation Opportunity:
Breakfast Cereal
A growing number of today's consumers are
looking for foods and beverages free from artificial color. In some categories, such as breakfast cereal, natural colors often become muted because of the heat encountered during
extrusion. This is unappealing, especially to
children who are drawn to bold, vibrant colors. Edible Glitter colored with plant-based
extracts may help. These shiny vibrant flakes
are applied to the cereal after extrusion and
expansion, during the coating process. The
glitter adheres to the cereal piece and the plantbased colors avoid the high-heat step. Further,
some plant-based colors may impart undesirable
flavor in cereal. That can be minimized with Edible Glitter because less color is used, as the color
is only applied to the outer surface of the cereal.
Less color also provides a cost savings.

is that one pound of Edible Glitter will cover
the same amount of product as 20 pounds
of jimmies-style sprinkles. Edible Glitter also
covers more surface than colored sugar, while
not contributing any "added sugars" to a formulation. The difference is even greater for our
shapes. One pound of Edible Glitter stars, for
example, will cover 80 times as many doughnuts or cupcakes as one pound of traditional star-shaped sprinkles. What this means
is that you can save about 30% on the cost
of your sprinkles if you are using jimmies
and switch to Edible Glitter flakes. If you
purchase 12,000 lbs. of jimmies at a time,
this takes up five or six pallets of space in your
warehouse. The equivalent amount of Edible
Glitter would fit on a single pallet.

FBN: How does Edible Glitter simplify
ingredient statements and improve
Nutrition Facts?
Mr. Watson: Unlike traditional jimmies, Edible
Glitter does not contain hydrogenated vegetable
oils, P.H.O.s or sugar, so you are not adding unnecessary fat or sugar to the formulation. Based
on the standard serving size of most products,
switching from jimmies to Edible Glitter may
provide a 10 calorie reduction per serving. Edible
Glitter is also allergen free.


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