Developing Next-Generation Packaged Breads - Watson Sept. 2018 - 1


to Revitalize the Center Store
eanut butter and jelly. Ham and
cheese. Avocado mash. These foods
need a carrier and bread is the chosen
delivery vehicle. But not the staple
loaf of white or honey wheat. Over the past
decade, consumers increasingly have shopped
the in-store bakery for trendy breads that
provide fresh, homemade appeal. With cleanlabel ingredient technology and innovative
formulating, it's possible to reinvent the
packaged bread department by offering buns,
flats, rolls and slices that speak to today's
shoppers' needs.


Let's face facts. The packaged bread
department has been a boring destination for
some time. While 92% of U.S. households eat
bread, Americans are eating it less frequently
and consuming less, according to market
research firm Packaged Facts, Rockville, Md.
More than half (56%) of households use one
loaf of bread per week, 23% two loaves and
11% three or more; 10% of households did not
buy any packaged bread in 2017.
This is reflected at the register. Sales of
packaged breads/rolls are nearly flat, with


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