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FEATURE Ridding your facility of rodents D id you know a pair of mice can produce 18,000 droppings in a period of only six months? And a female mouse can produce up to 10 litters in a year? With stats like these, you can see how a rodent problem can easily spiral out of control. As temperatures continue to drop in the fall and winter months, rodents such as mice and rats will seek the food and shelter readily available in your facility. Therefore it is important to heat up your pest management program and prevent these unwanted visitors by working with a pest management professional to implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Rodents pose a threat to your facility for a number of reasons. In addition to being a liability for your next audit (pest control can account for up to 20% of your third-party audit), they are also capable of creating structural damage, rendering your product unusable and can be a major health hazard to your employees and customers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), rats and mice are known to spread over 35 diseases world(Above) A Norway rat in a PVC pipe. Photo courtesy of Orkin. 98 by Patrick Copps Implementing an Integrated Pest Management program can protect a company’s bottom line and reputation wide. A grain product contaminated with feces or urine can spread such diseases as Salmonella, tape worms, jaundice and hantavirus. When rodents are hungry, they’ll work hard to get food, and unfortunately for grain processing facilities, cereal tends to be one of their meals of choice. Theses pests’ incredible ability to climb, run horizontally along pipes and wires, and jump down distances of 8 feet provide them a variety of ways to gain access to both your building and product. In addition, the slight bodies of mice or juvenile rats allow them to enter October 2011 / World Grain /

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World Grain - October 2011
Grain’s influence on global population trends
News review
Focus on Turkey
In it for the long haul
Deregulation shapes shipping market in Australia
Port developments
News Roundup
Thai rice plan controversial
A growing force in corn
Is biotech blooming in Europe?
A battle for China
Marketing maneuvers
Biofuels News Review
A new imaging method for millers
U.S. soy crushers face challenges
IAOM Eurasia
Flour trade prospects improve
Ridding your facility of rodents
Intersystems expanding Omaha facility
OCRIM school educates millers from around the world
Perten Instruments acquires TexVol Instruments
Food Protection Alliance names Schmitz as director
SternMaid to participate in Food Ingredients Europe
Insta-Pro International names Latin American sales manager
Alltech realigns leadership team
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World Grain - October 2011