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TECHNICAL PROFILE Enhancing Cozonac by Martina Mollenhauer Sweet bread quality can be improved with EMCgluten Enhancer C ozonac is a traditional specialty bread slightly reminiscent of German Stollen or Italian panettone. Originally baked in Romania and also Bulgaria for the major feast days like Christmas and Easter, cozonac is now available all year round. Every baker, every housewife, swears by his or her own recipe, but common to all the variants is a basic dough made from wheat flour, sugar, butter, eggs, salt, yeast and milk. Raisins, rum, vanilla or grated orange or lemon peel are added to the basic recipe, according to the region. The sweet bread is filled with a succulent mass made from hazel nuts or walnuts, sugar or syrup, cocoa, eggs, raisins, or sometimes poppy seeds. To ensure that the marbled appearance of the cozonac - the contrast between the dark filling and the light-colored dough - remains visible when the loaf is cut, the filled dough is shaped into a roll before baking. Example of a basic cozonac recipe: 1 kg wheat flour 20 g wheat gluten 250 g sugar 100 g butter 15 g salt 50 g yeast 100 g egg yolk 500 g milk COZONAC CHARACTERISTICS The characteristic feature of sweet, yeast-raised products of this kind is the almost fibrous crumb structure that results from high levels of protein. The natural gluten content of a standard flour is not usually enough to make these typical features as prominent as they should be. At a protein level of 11% to 12% in the wheat flour, the average amount of vital gluten added is 4% to 8%. For similar Easter bread varieties in Greece, up to 15% vital gluten is added. The large proportion of sugar and fat necessitates baking 110 times of three hours or more. Because of the high gluten content, the doughs have a tendency to spring back. To prevent this they are kneaded briefly several times during the fermentation process. This restores some of the dough's elasticity and makes the texture finer. The products are baked either as hearth bread or in pans. However, the fluctuating price and availability of vital gluten is increasingly leading the milling and baking industries June 2014 / World Grain /

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World Grain - June 2014
Table of Contents
From the Editor-in-chief - Urbanization sways future of food
Calendar of Events
Australian Grains Industry Conference
News Review - Wilmar, First Pacific to acquire Goodman Fielder
With CFP acquisition, Milner renamed Grain Craft
Smaller harvest drops GrainCorp profit 43%
CBH adds to executive team
Cargill completes Vietnamese feed plant expansion
Tiger Brands to mothball several Nigerian flour mills
ADM’s first-quarter earnings hurt by weather
ADM appoints oilseed vice-president
Alliance Grain results up in first quarter
Ingredion’s earnings drop on weather costs
African leaders urged to boost agriculture
Richardson increases canola capacity
Former president of James Richardson & Sons dies
The Andersons earnings up on ethanol, rail
Bunge reports loss in first quarter
Grain Market Review - Rice
Country Focus - Romania
Feature - Serving a Changing Market
Interflour’s growth strategy
The Flour Fortification Initiative
Feature - Canada in the spotlight
Next year’s event
Feature - A perfect storm
Feature - Grain Storage and Handling Projects
Feature - Opportunities and Challenges
Feature - Cereals Europe 2014
Feature - De Decco's path to success
Ownership structure
Feature - Global Grain outlook
Growth in livestock sector translates into more feed, protein demand
Rice Quarterly - Methods for stabilizing rice bran
Rice News Roundup - Group changes name to Food Fortication Initiative
India’s basmati exports to Iran slow
Thailand hopes for comeback in jasmine rice market
Gambia can produce 2 million tonnes of rice
Pakistan rice exports up 20.19%
Philippine farmers bring in post-typhoon harvest
Pakistan wants rice export re-examined
Feature - IAOM MEA celebrates 25 years
Grain Operations - Mycotoxin management
Technical Profile - Enhancing cozonac
Supplier News
Product Showcase
World Grain Archive
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World Grain - June 2014