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Guest Commentary UNFORGETTABLE How flour saved Berlin by Volkmar Wywiol A fter the Second World War, Germany and the U.S. became close allies, and today the former enemies are close friends. Good business relations go hand-in-hand with scientific exchange programs and many educational and cultural projects. All of this started with America's incomparable and speedy assistance of the needy western part of Germany after the war. One major part of this was the Marshall Plan, officially called the ERP or European Recovery Program. It was designed to help West Europe rebuild from the war, and was passed by the U.S. congress on April 3, 1948 and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman on the same day. Another was the U.S. reaction to the ominous escalation of the Cold War initiated by the Soviets. What happened? On June 20, 1948 the western allies (the U.S., Great Britain and France) implemented a currency form for West Germany and West Berlin, which was a "city island" in the Soviet Occupation Zone. Without consulting its erstwhile allies, the Soviet Union From this point until autumn of 1949, Berlin was supplied only by air. General Lucius D. Clay, Military Governor of the U.S. occupation zone in Germany. The official Marshall Plan logo. 88 reacted by cutting off all land and river access to West Berlin on June 23, 1948. At the time Berlin was still a gigantic ruin, and the 2.2 million people in West Berlin were still entirely dependent on supplies from the outside. But the western allies under the leadership of President Truman and the legendary Military Governor Lucius D. Clay reacted immediately. Using three 32-kilometer-wide air corridors from West Germany to Berlin, they started what would become known as the Berlin Airlift. It was an ingenious stroke of humanitarian aid. The first plane took off on the evening of June 23, followed by an endless series of other U.S. Air Force and British Royal Air Force transports carrying freight of every kind to Berlin's Tempelhof airport. The main commodities were foods like flour, grain, dried milk and potatoes, coal for fuel and electricity, gasoline, and medications - along with everything else a major city needs. About 33% of the total cargo was flown in by the British, but the August 2014 / World Grain /

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World Grain - August 2014
Table of Contents
From the Editor-in-chief - Fundamentals drive wheat prices
Calendar of Events
Latin American milling conferences
News Review - Interflour to build flour mill in Philippine free-trade zone
San Miguel to double flour milling capacity
ADM Milling completes expansion in Indiana
Bartlett building grain facility in Kansas
Cargill to build grain facility in Arkansas
Grupo Bimbo acquires Ecuadorean baker
Didion Milling names vice-president, business development
GrainCorp buys stake in Egyptian flour miller
Egypt purchases 5.1 million tonnes of wheat in 2013-14
United Grain plans bigger expansion at port
E.U. feed groups want decision on GMs
Toepfer renamed ADM Germany
E.U., EIB to work together on agriculture
Uzbekistan harvests record 8 million tonnes of grain
Ungashick joins World Grain sales team
E.U. sets import duty for first time in nearly four years
CHS earnings up 51% in third quarter
CHS makes management changes
Ardent Mills selects office location
Grain Market Review - Coarse grains
Country Focus - South Africa
Feature - Dawn of a New Era
Ardent Mills partners, executives, bring deep roots in flour milling
Regional Review - A Vital Grain Producer
Regional Review - Overflowing with Oilseeds
Regional Review - Export Challenges
Feature - Using Corn as a 'Lifeline'
LifeLine products
Technical Profile - Demanding the best
Feature - A Growing Issue
Feed Operations - Pellet Mills
Feature - Debugging your facility
Species spotted
Guest Commentary - Unforgettable: How flour saved Berlin
Feature - Olam's rice nucleus program
Rice Quarterly - UN sets acceptable levels of arsenic in rice
New rice mill planned for Arkansas
Italy wants ‘fairer’ rice deal
Thailand province developing jasmine rice
Thailand’s rice price shoots up on drought
Supplier News
Product Showcase
World Grain Archive
Ad Index/Fax Back Program

World Grain - August 2014