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FEATURE The importance of LANDSCAPING W hat does your landscaping plan have to do with pest control? Quite a lot, actually. Landscaping features can attract and harbor a variety of pests. A landscaping plan that looks perfect on paper may in practice become a perfect place for pests emerging from overwintering to settle, harbor, reproduce and pose threats to your facility. Left unchecked, the grounds around your facility can serve as staging areas for pests looking to get inside. Trees, plants, grasses, parking lots, water features and even That's why it's important to keep pests like ants, cockroaches ing on your landscaping and maintenance program this spring. There are many steps you can take with your outdoor landscaping and maintenance to keep pests outside and at a distance from your facility. These practices should be part of a broader Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, which focuses on proactive facility maintenance, exclusion and sanitation throughout your facility and surrounding property to help stop pest problems before they start. Crawling pests will be looking for a helping hand to get inside your facility, and that help may come in the form of existing bushes or tree limbs that brush up against your facility. Photos by Orkin. 98 by Zia Siddiqi Trees, plants and grasses play big roles when it comes to managing pests FOCUS ON THE FLOWERS harbor pests, which are always looking for sources of food, ers - in bloom can be alluring with their looks, but they can cause they attract pests looking for a quick meal. Additionally, be sure to minimize ground covering plants, as they can provide cover and shelter for insects and rodents. What you spread around plants can be just as impactful as the plants themselves. For instance, organic mulch is a hotspot for pests as the moisture mulch holds attracts a variety of insects and rodents, from roaches to mice. The mulch also gives them a chance to burrow underground around February 2015 / World Grain /

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World Grain - February 2015
Table of Contents
From the Editor-in-chief - Easing embargo on Cuba a world gain
Calendar of Events
119th Annual IAOM Conference and Expo
News Review - NIBULON reports record grain, oil crop exports
Nidera building silo on Danube in Romania
Algeria’s cereal imports increase by $3.5 billion
ADM strengthens Unilever relationship
Cargill’s net earnings up 41%
Grain, biofuel shipments surge at Port of Prince Rupert
CHS reports 56% increase in first-quarter earnings
KSU names Grain Science and Industry Department head
Port of Paranaguá sets record for grain handling
Bullish economics may force grain prices lower
IGC forecasts world wheat production at 701 million tonnes
Carr’s Milling profit up on strong performance
Bay State Milling expanding in Arizona
AGRANA earnings drop 25%
Canada introduces act to modernize grain industry
Grain Market Review - Rice
Country Focus - Syria
Feature - Ethiopia Striving for Grain Surpluses
Feature - CWB Taken off Life Support
CWB's Asset List
Feature - Europe's Largest Port Keeps Growing
Deep History
Feature - Grain Experts Analyze Black Sea
Feature - Investment analysts guarded about 2015
Feature - Another year of advances
Rice Quarterly - Milling Properties of Commingled Rice
Vietnam’s outlook for rice exports mediocre for 2015
Myanmar’s rice exports to China surge
African countries focus on boosting rice production
Thai rice exports to dominate
Feature - U.K. Milling Industry checking for soy in flour
Feed Operations - Upgrade ideas for your feed mill
Feature - Comparing Major Soybean Exporters
Feature - The importance of Landscaping
Feature - Global feed tonnage increases
Supplier News
Product Showcase
World Grain Archive
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World Grain - February 2015