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FEATURE More than a large number of MILLS W KLOHWKHFRPSDQ\¶VODUJHQXPEHURIÀRXUPLOOVUHSUHsents a point of difference from its competitors, the top executives of Ardent Mills said its value proposition extends far beyond prodigious size. In an interview with Milling & Baking News, sister publication of World Grain'DQ'\HFKLHIH[HFXWLYHRI¿FHUDQG%LOO 6WRXIHUFKLHIRSHUDWLQJRI¿FHUVDLGWKHFRPPLWPHQWWRLQJUHdient and end product innovation stands out in the industry. Developing new milled products that have names like Ultragrain, Sustagrain and GrainWise served as a major area of focus at ConAgra Mills and Horizon Milling. Stoufer observed that innovation is no less important at Ardent Mills. ³2XU IRFXV ZLOO DOZD\V EH RQ FRUH ZKLWH ÀRXU´ KH VDLG "It's the essence of what we do every day, and we want to do that for our customers better than anyone else in the industry. %XW ZH FRQWLQXH WR PDNH LQYHVWPHQWV DURXQG ZKROH JUDLQV ancient grains and specialty grains. We see opportunities in our organic and sprouted capability. We are always looking IRUZKDW¶VQH[WDQGSURYLGLQJFKRLFH´ 7KHSRWHQWLDODW$UGHQW0LOOVVSHFL¿FDOO\IRURUJDQLFÀRXUDQG ÀRXUPLOOHGIURPVSURXWHGZKHDWLVFRQVLGHUDEOH'\HDGGHG "Organic is something the customer is asking for, and we DUH UHDFKLQJ D SRLQW RI ¿QGLQJ D ZD\ WR PDQDJH WKH VXSSO\ FKDLQZLWKWKHZKHDW´KHVDLG³,W¶VDERXWFRQVXPHUGHPDQG DQG¿QGLQJWKHULJKWEDODQFH,I\RXORRNDWWKH$UGHQW0LOOV network of facilities, the relationship we have with growers, both directly and through our owners, we have a unique opportunity to put those pieces together. "Sprouted has a lot of potential. It provides not only a healthy EHQH¿WRYHUDOOEXWRWKHUWKLQJVWKDWDUHH[FLWLQJDERXWWKHHQWLUH sprouted area. And we're seeing some good traction. The key will be meeting the market need to get the product to the cusWRPHU,WKLQN$UGHQW0LOOVKDVDXQLTXHSRVLWLRQWRGRWKDW´ Achieving scale in the production of sprouted wheat has been a challenge, but technological innovations allowing for HFRQRPLFDOO\HI¿FLHQWSURGXFWLRQRIVSURXWHGZKHDWPD\EH forthcoming, Dye said. ³:HIHHOZHDUHDORQJZD\GRZQWKDWSDWK´KHVDLG³7KHUH LVVWLOODORWWRGR:HWKLQNWKHUHLVUHDOXSVLGHLQWKLVPDUNHW´ Stoufer said ancient grains remain an area of innovation and excitement for Ardent Mills. ³3HRSOHDUHORRNLQJIRUWH[WXUHDQGWDVWH´KHVDLG³7KH\ 34 by L. Joshua Sosland Milling giant Ardent Mills says its commitment to ingredient and end product innovation stands out in the industry ZDQWVRPHWKLQJPRUHWKDQZKLWHÀRXURUDZKROHJUDLQZKHDW ÀRXU&XVWRPHUVDUHORRNLQJIRUZD\VWRDWWUDFWWKHFRQVXPHU with a 'wow' effect. You can do that with ancient grains. We KDYHWKHFDSDELOLWLHV´ PRODUCT INNOVATION EMPHASIZED :KLOHSURXGRILWVYDVWQHWZRUNRIÀRXUPLOOVDQGLWVVSHcialty ingredients, the Ardent Mills executives said what truly sets the company apart is its ability to assist customers looking for help with product innovation. Dye said the company has a unique array of resources that offer bakers and other ÀRXUXVHUVPHDQLQJIXOEHQH¿WVDVWKH\ORRNIRUZD\VWRGHvelop new products. ³7KH FRPELQDWLRQ RI WUDGLWLRQDO ZKLWH ÀRXU ZLWK ZKROH JUDLQ ÀRXU DORQJ ZLWK VSHFLDOW\ SURGXFWV FDQ UHDOO\ KHOS WKH Ardent Mills' Chief Executive Offficer Dan Dye. Photos by Sean Boggs. October 2015 / World Grain /

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World Grain - October 2015
Table of Contents
From the Editor-in-chief - Precision agriculture versus GMO’s
Calendar of Events
Registration opens for IPPE, Jan. 26-28, 2016
News Review - Louis Dreyfus hires new CEO, ending 17-month search
Ardent Mills finalizes deal to acquire Mondelez facility
Glencore considers selling stake in agricultural unit
Former Cargill executive to lead The Andersons
Flour milling specialist joins KSU faculty
Viterra to acquire oilseed processor
Nisshin plans major expansion of Canadian flour mill
Bunge to acquire Brazilian wheat miller
Cargill executive returns as member of Leadership Team
Woodchip company closer to exporting grain with ACCC decision
Australia plans to standardize, upgrade freight network
The Andersons completes grain facility updates
Mitsubishi to buy 20% share of Olam
Cargill to double capacity at soybean crush facility in Egypt
Grain Market Review - Rice
Country Focus - Indonesia
Feature - Ardent Mills coming into its own
Feature - More than a large number of mills
Feature - Face of Canada’s grain industry changing
The geography of demographic changes in Canadian agriculture
Feature - 'We're in dire straits'
Dr. Stephen Blank profile
Feature - Ship loading/unloading projects flourish
Port News Roundup
Feature - Australia seeks FTA's with Asia
Feature - Grain Market Roundtable
Milling Operations - Whole wheat flour milling, storage challenges
Feature - Global flour trade holding steady
IGC: Industrial use of grains forecast higher in 2015-16
Feature - Protecting the lifeblood of your operation
Technical Profile - Staying in control of mycotoxins
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Product Showcase
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World Grain - October 2015