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FEATURE Port News Roundup Nibulon shipping traffic increases KIEV, UKRAINE - Nibulon transported and shipped for export about 1.5 million tonnes of agricultural commodities in the 2014-15 marketing year. In the 2015 navigation season (as of July 15), Nibulon made 77 cargo trips along the Dnipro and the Southern Bug in Ukraine, having processed 683,000 tonnes of grain and oilseeds, thereby more than doubling the results of WKH¿UVWKDOIRI7KHVHUHFRUGLQGLFHVDUHDFKLHYHGGXHWR ZHOOFRRUGLQDWHGDQGHI¿FLHQWZRUNRIWKHFRPSDQ\¶VVSHFLDOLVWVDVZHOODVGXHWRIDVWJURZWKRI1LEXORQ¶VRZQFDUJRÀHHW Nibulon plans further extension of transportation volumes. Management said Ukraine has a great potential to reorient its own logistics infrastructure to water transportation that is more HI¿FLHQW7KHFRPSDQ\DLPVWREULQJLWVWUDQVSRUWDWLRQYROXPHV and export shipments up to 3 million tonnes in the 2015-16 marketing year, and up to 5 million tonnes in the next three years. 7KH6W0\NRODLVHOISURSHOOHGÀRDWLQJFUDQHWKDWRSHUDWHVLQ WKHRXWHUURDGVRI0\NROD\LY8NUDLQH6HD7UDGH3RUWKDGDJRRG ODVWPDUNHWLQJ\HDUDVZHOO7KHXQLTXHÀRDWLQJFUDQHZDVFRQstructed at Santierul Naval Constanta shipyard in Romania. It is WKHPRVWSURGXFWLYHWUDQVVKLSPHQWFUDQHLQ8NUDLQH7KHFUDQH FORVHGWKHPDUNHWLQJ\HDUZLWKD¿JXUHRIPLOOLRQ tonnes of agricultural commodities transshipped for export and crossed the 2-million-tonne mark of grain and oilseeds loaded. Since the beginning of July, St. Mykolai has had a good start to a new marketing year, having transshipped more than 60,000 tonnes of agricultural commodities. Grain exports rise from HAROPA 528(1)5$1&(²*UDLQH[SRUWVIURP+$523$3RUWRI Rouen totaled 7.61 million tonnes for the 2014-15 season, an increase of 2.4% compared to the 2013-14 season and 14% compared to 2012-13. 7KLV\HDU¶VWRWDOZDVWKHVHFRQGEHVWLQWKHSDVW\HDUV 7KH EDG ZHDWKHU FRQGLWLRQV RI VXPPHU  KDG DQ LPSDFWRQWKHORZHUTXDOLW\RIWKHFURSLQDODUJHSDUWRI5RXHQ )UDQFHDQGOHGWRDQH[SHFWHGGLVDSSRLQWLQJVHDVRQ7KHKLJK SURSRUWLRQ RI IHHG ZKHDW GLG QRW DFWXDOO\ PHHW WKH UHTXLUHPHQWVRI3RUWRI5RXHQ¶VWUDGLWLRQDOPLOOLQJPDUNHWV %XWWKHSRUWKDGJRRGUHVXOWVGXHWRWKHTXLFNDGDSWDWLRQRIWKH storage organizations, exporters and port silos to the situation and the drop of sea freight rates and the Euro exchange rate. ³,W¶VZRUWKQRWLQJWKHVWURQJFRPSHWLWLRQOLQNHGWRDYHU\ IDYRUDEOH VLWXDWLRQ LQ WHUPV RI JUDLQ TXDOLW\ RQ WKH$WODQWLF FRDVWDQGLQWKH1RUWKRI)UDQFH´SRUWRI¿FLDOVVDLG 7KHVHDVRQZDVDW\SLFDOIRU5RXHQIRUVHYHUDOUHDVRQV7KHEDUOH\WUDI¿F PLOOLRQWRQQHV ZDVWKHKLJKHVW since the 1998-99 season, and 80% of this tonnage included malt and feed barley shipments to China. 3RUWRI¿FLDOVQRWHGPDQ\GLYHUVHGHVWLQDWLRQVHVSHFLDOO\LQ UHJDUGWRIHHGZKHDWVKLSPHQWV7KH6RXWKHDVW$VLDGHVWLQDWLRQV 3KLOLSSLQHV %DQJODGHVK 7KDLODQG DQG 6RXWK .RUHD  WRWDOHGWRQQHVZKLFKLVDPDMRU¿UVWIRU5RXHQ Port of Constanta to see major new grain terminal &2167$17$520$1,$²&KLPSH[DQ$PHURSDVXEsidiary based in Constanta Romania, announced on Aug. 12 that it has received the approval from the local authorities IRUWKHFRQVWUXFWLRQRIDQHZJUDLQWHUPLQDO7KLVSURMHFWLV ZRUWK¼PLOOLRQDPDMRULQYHVWPHQWIRU&KLPSH[DVZHOO DVWKH3RUWRI&RQVWDQWD5RPDQLD 2QVLWHZRUNLVXQGHUZD\DQGWKHSURMHFWLVH[SHFWHGWR EH FRPSOHWHG LQ WZR \HDUV 2QFH FRQVWUXFWLRQ KDV ¿QLVKHG Chimpex will have the capability to operate a state-of-the-art terminal capable of storing 200,000 tonnes in 20 vertical cells. Port Qasim in Pakistan is the nation's second busiest port and accounts for about 40% of the nation's cargo. It is located east of Karachi. Photo courtesy of Vigan. 60 October 2015 / World Grain /

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World Grain - October 2015
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News Review - Louis Dreyfus hires new CEO, ending 17-month search
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Glencore considers selling stake in agricultural unit
Former Cargill executive to lead The Andersons
Flour milling specialist joins KSU faculty
Viterra to acquire oilseed processor
Nisshin plans major expansion of Canadian flour mill
Bunge to acquire Brazilian wheat miller
Cargill executive returns as member of Leadership Team
Woodchip company closer to exporting grain with ACCC decision
Australia plans to standardize, upgrade freight network
The Andersons completes grain facility updates
Mitsubishi to buy 20% share of Olam
Cargill to double capacity at soybean crush facility in Egypt
Grain Market Review - Rice
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World Grain - October 2015