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FEATURE: GLOBAL FLOUR TRADE HOLDING STEADY Wheat flour: Exports by Turkey, Kazakhstan and the E.U. (Jul/Jun) Wheat flour: Imports by region (Jul/Jun) 16 million tonnes million tonnes 14 Kazakh E.U. a) 3.5 12 Others N&C America 10 3.0 S America 2.5 8 CIS 2.0 6 SS Africa NE Asia 4 FE Asia 1.5 1.0 2 0.5 0 0.0 15/16** 14/15* 13/14 12/13 11/12 **forecast 10/11 09/10 World industrial use of grains is forecast to increase by around 1% in 2015-16 to 326.8 million tonnes, according to the International Grains Council's (IGC) Grain Market Report released Aug. 27. The forecast was slightly higher than the one released by the IGC in May, with the use of biofuels forecast upward, mainly in the United States. While large global grains supplies are expected to keep raw material costs down in the year ahead, with only moderate economic growth anticipated, a slightly below-average increase in demand for industrial products is projected, the IGC said. Furthermore, weak crude oil prices could continue the attractiveness of processing for biofuels in some countries, the report said. The report shows that grain-based ethanol use for biofuels is up about 1% over a year ago, from 171.9 million tonnes to a forecast 173.4 million tonnes. Starch production from grain is forecast 1.8% higher at 114.3 million tonnes, compared to 112.2 million in 2014-15. Overall, global industrial use of grains has trended steadily upward in recent years, going from 298.7 million tonnes in 2012-13, 316.7 million in 2013-14, 322.7 million in 2014-15 and the projected 326.8 million in 2015-16. The U.S., with its large corn-based ethanol industry, is by far the leader in industrial use of grains with a forecast total of 166.6 million tonnes used in 2015-16, compared to second-place China at 64.8 million tonnes. *estimated 08/09 IGC: Industrial use of grains forecast higher in 2015-16 07/08 VKRZ7XUNH\OHDGLQJWKHZRUOGLQHYHU\UHFHQW\HDUH[FHSW  ZKHQ ZRUOG YROXPH UHDFKHG WKH DOOWLPH UHFRUG RI  WRQQHV  LQFOXGLQJ GXUXP VHPROLQD  ,Q WKH ODWWHU \HDU .D]DNKVWDQ OHG ZLWK VKLSPHQWV RI  WRQQHV IROORZHG E\7XUNH\ DW  WRQQHV RIZKHDWHTXLYDOHQW 06/07 15/16** 14/15* 13/14 12/13 **forecast 11/12 10/11 09/10 08/09 07/08 06/07 *estimated 86 Turkey 4.0 ,QWKHFXUUHQWVHDVRQ7XUNH\¶VÀRXUVKLSPHQWVIRUHFDVWDW  WRQQHV FRPSDUHG ZLWK .D]DNKVWDQ DW  WRQQHV ZLWK UHVSHFWLYH VKDUHV RI  DQG  7KXV WKHWZRFRXQWULHVFRPHZLWKLQUDQJHRIDFFRXQWLQJIRUKDOIRI JOREDOÀRXUWUDGH .D]DNKVWDQ¶VSURVSHFWLYHH[SRUWJDLQRIWR WRQQHVUHÀHFWHGLWVODUJHUORFDOZKHDWFURSRIEHWWHUTXDOLW\ WKDQWKH\HDUEHIRUH ,QFRPPHQWLQJRQWKHGHFUHDVHLQJOREDOÀRXUWUDGHLW QRZ IRUHFDVWV WKH ,*& VDLG WKDW GHPDQG LQ DOO UHJLRQV ZDV OLNHO\ WR EH LQ OLQH ZLWK WKH SULRU \HDU ,W SRLQWHG RXW WKDW ³GLVUXSWLRQVWRORFDOVXSSO\FKDLQVFDXVHGE\DUPHGFRQÀLFWV FRXOGXQGHUSLQÀRXULPSRUWVLQSDUWVRI1HDU(DVW$VLDSDUWLFXODUO\LQ,UDTDQG6\ULD´ ,WDOVRQRWHGWKDWLPSRUWVLQWRVXE6DKDUD$IULFDHVWLPDWHG DWWRQQHVDUHVXSSRUWHGDWDKLJKOHYHOE\ORZSULFHVDQGJURZLQJGHPDQGIRUZKHDWEDVHGIRRGV IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN LEADING IMPORTERS ,UDT H[SHFWHGWR WDNH  WRQQHV DQG$IJKDQLVWDQ IRUHFDVW DW  ZHUH VKRZQ DV WKH OHDGLQJ ZRUOG LPSRUWHUVRIZKHDWÀRXULQ7KHRQO\RWKHULPSRUWLQJ FRXQWU\ H[SHFWHG WR WDNH PRUH WKDQ D PLOOLRQ WRQQHV ZDV 8]EHNLVWDQZLWKLPSRUWVIRUHFDVWDW ,QWKH:HVWHUQ+HPLVSKHUH%UD]LOFRQWLQXHGDVWKHODUJHVW LPSRUWHUZLWKWDNLQJVWKLVVHDVRQSURMHFWHGDWWRQQHV FRPSDUHGZLWKLQWKHSULRUVHDVRQ86LPSRUWVZHUH IRUHFDVW DW  WRQQHV RI ZKHDW HTXLYDOHQW DJDLQVW WKH UHFRUGRILQ86H[SRUWVLQZHUH IRUHFDVWDWWRQQHVGRZQIURPLQ  $QJROD FRQWLQXHG DV $IULFD¶V OHDGLQJ LPSRUWHU RI ZKHDW ÀRXUZLWKLWVWDNLQJVWKLVVHDVRQIRUHFDVWDWWRQQHV FRPSDUHGZLWKLQ We want to hear from you - Send comments and inquiries to worldgrain@ For reprints of WG articles, e-mail October 2015 / World Grain /

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World Grain - October 2015
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From the Editor-in-chief - Precision agriculture versus GMO’s
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Registration opens for IPPE, Jan. 26-28, 2016
News Review - Louis Dreyfus hires new CEO, ending 17-month search
Ardent Mills finalizes deal to acquire Mondelez facility
Glencore considers selling stake in agricultural unit
Former Cargill executive to lead The Andersons
Flour milling specialist joins KSU faculty
Viterra to acquire oilseed processor
Nisshin plans major expansion of Canadian flour mill
Bunge to acquire Brazilian wheat miller
Cargill executive returns as member of Leadership Team
Woodchip company closer to exporting grain with ACCC decision
Australia plans to standardize, upgrade freight network
The Andersons completes grain facility updates
Mitsubishi to buy 20% share of Olam
Cargill to double capacity at soybean crush facility in Egypt
Grain Market Review - Rice
Country Focus - Indonesia
Feature - Ardent Mills coming into its own
Feature - More than a large number of mills
Feature - Face of Canada’s grain industry changing
The geography of demographic changes in Canadian agriculture
Feature - 'We're in dire straits'
Dr. Stephen Blank profile
Feature - Ship loading/unloading projects flourish
Port News Roundup
Feature - Australia seeks FTA's with Asia
Feature - Grain Market Roundtable
Milling Operations - Whole wheat flour milling, storage challenges
Feature - Global flour trade holding steady
IGC: Industrial use of grains forecast higher in 2015-16
Feature - Protecting the lifeblood of your operation
Technical Profile - Staying in control of mycotoxins
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World Grain - October 2015