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NEWSREVIEW News review Brought to you by Olam breaks ground on Nigerian feed, poultry complex SINGAPORE - Olam International announced on April 8 that it is investing $150 million to set up two state-of-the-art animal feed mills, poultry breeding farms and a hatchery to produce day-oldchicks in Nigeria. Olam said the project will be Nigeria's largest integrated animal feed mill, breeding farm and hatchery. 6HYHUDORI¿FLDOVDWWHQGHGWKHJURXQGEUHDNLQJFHUHPRQ\LQ.DGXQD 6WDWHLQFOXGLQJ*RYHUQRURI.DGXQD6WDWH+(0DODP1DVLUHO5XIDL DQG0LQLVWHURI$JULFXOWXUHDQG5XUDO'HYHORSPHQWDQG&KLHI$XGX 2JEHKZKRUHSUHVHQWHG1LJHULDQ3UHVLGHQW+(0XKDPPDGX%XKDUL "This is the latest investment by Olam in Nigeria's domestic food and agricultural production sector after our recent investments in wheat milling assets and the ongoing development of our 10,000-hectare rice farm and mill in Nasarawa State," said VenkataUDPDQL6ULYDWKVDQ2ODP¶VFKLHIH[HFXWLYHRI¿FHUIRU$IULFD³7KLV new venture into animal feed is a win-win for Olam and Nigeria. 'RPHVWLFDOO\ SURGXFHG PHDW LV EHLQJ KDPSHUHG E\ D ODFN RI JRRG quality feed, support for farmers and availability of young stock, but FRQVXPSWLRQLVVHWWRLQFUHDVH%\LQYHVWLQJLQSRXOWU\DQG¿VKIHHG we can utilize the wheat bran from our wheat milling operations, as well as maximize our sourcing networks to buy corn and soy from local farmers." Of the $150 million in total investments, approximately $100 million has been committed to building and operating the facilities in .DGXQD6WDWHZKLOHPLOOLRQLVIRUDVHFRQGLQYHVWPHQWLQDQLQWHJUDWHGSRXOWU\DQG¿VKIHHGPLOOORFDWHGLQ.ZDUD6WDWH At full capacity, both feed mills are expected to produce in excess RIWRQQHVSHU\HDURIKLJKTXDOLW\SRXOWU\DQG¿VKIHHGZLWK WKH.DGXQDIDFLOLW\VXSSO\LQJPDLQO\WRWKHQRUWKHUQPDUNHWVDQGWKH .ZDUDIDFLOLW\WRWKHVRXWKZHVWUHJLRQ7KHSRXOWU\EUHHGLQJIDUPLQ .DGXQDLVH[SHFWHGWRSURGXFHRYHUPLOOLRQKDWFKLQJHJJVHYHU\ week for the hatchery. The feed mills will procure most of their corn and soybean requirements locally, spurring growth of these domestic crops. Olam will create over 100,000 tonnes of in-house storage capacity, which will also help support food security. Nidera appoints new CEO 5277(5'$01(7+(5/$1'6²1LGHUD DVXEVLGLDU\RI&2)&2JURXSDQQRXQFHGRQ $SULOWKDW'LHUN2YHUKHXZLOOEHFRPHFKLHI H[HFXWLYHRI¿FHURQ-XQH+HZLOOWDNHRYHU IURP7RQYDQGHU/DDQZKRDVSUHYLRXVO\DQQRXQFHGZLOOOHDYHDWWKHHQGRI-XQH 8QWLO /DDQ¶V UHWLUHPHQW 2YHUKHX ZLOO UHport to Partick Yu, chairman of the supervisory ERDUGEHJLQQLQJ0D\ Overheu ³, DP GHOLJKWHG WR ZHOFRPH 'LHUN WR 1LGHUD´

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World Grain - May 2016
Table of Contents
From the Editor-in-chief - Keys to poorer nations’ prosperity
Calendar of Events
AGIC 2016 is July 25-27 in Australia
News Review - Olam breaks ground on Nigerian feed, poultry complex
Nidera appoints new CEO
Scoular searches for new CEO
CHS’ earnings down on reduced commodity prices
ADM begins expansion at Brazilian port
E.U.-28 grain production forecast to meet five-year record
NCSP’s cargo turnover increases in first three months
Gavilon seeks expansion in the U.S.
VICTAM appoints new GM
Cargill profit rises in face of difficult market conditions
Olam secures financing for flour, food processing facilities in Nigeria, India
General Mills to upgrade New York facility
Dangote making changes to flour mill business
CBH’s New Albany site close to completion
Glencore sells 40% stake in agricultural unit
Per capita U.S. flour use dips to lowest level in 18 years
Brazil’s 2016-17 corn production forecast to be a record
Grain Market Review - Coarse grains
Country Focus - Kazakhstan
TECHNICAL PROFILE - Flat bread in Kazakhstan
FEATURE - Realizing innovation’s Opportunities
FEATURE - Time for government intervention?
FEATURE - 2016 IAOM Conference & Expo
CIGI CEO says milling industry must better promote its products
FEATURE - Reforms boost Argentine grain industry
FEATURE - Mid-latitude drying in 2016-17
FEATURE - European supplier profiles
TECHNICAL PROFILE - Durum wheat debranding study

World Grain - May 2016