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TECHNICAL PROFILE Durum wheat DEBRANNING STUDY D ebranning removes the outer layers of the pericarp from wheat kernels, and an increasing number of industrial and research studies reports the advantages of debranning durum wheat prior to milling. These advantages include: ‡ ,PSURYLQJWKH\LHOGDQGUH¿QHPHQWRIVHPROLQDLQGXUXP wheat milling. * Ensuring a higher chemical safety of the products coming out from milling (mycotoxins). ‡ /RZHULQJ FDSLWDO LQYHVWPHQW EHFDXVH PLOO ÀRZ LV shortened. * Speeding up the hydration process of grain prior to the milling phase. A recent debranning study was carried out as part of a collaboration between Cremona, Italy-based Ocrim, the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Parma and FMB-Eng.In.E., a spin-off company of the University of Parma. Ocrim, a leading milling facility producer for the global milling sector, with a particular emphasis on wheat milling, already produces debranning systems based on the use of traditional silicon carbide wheels. However, the mineral nature of these traditional wheels can lead to the formation of cracks and crevices after a certain number of production cycles. For this reason, Ocrim proposed an innovative grinding wheel with a metallic support structure and a thin surface deposition of synthetic diamonds. This study demonstrated how innovative wheels are much more reliable, have a longer operating life and are cost-effective compared to the traditional ones. DIAMOND VS. TRADITIONAL WHEELS The experimental tests were conducted at the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Parma and at a production site, a durum wheat mill located in the U.S., which utilized a milling line provided by Ocrim. The mill has two parallel debranning lines, each operating at a milling capacity of 4 tph. One of the two debranners has been equipped with a whole grindstone package of silicon carbide wheels. In the other one, the two lower wheels (the sixth and the seventh) have been replaced with diamond wheels. 'LDPRQG ZKHHOV KDYH D VXSHU¿FLDO OD\HU LQ ZKLFK V\QWKHWLFGLDPRQGVZLWKDVSHFL¿FGLPHQVLRQDOGLVWULEXWLRQDUH partially incorporated. The performance of the systems were evaluated using two Key Performance Indicators (KPI). To be 106 by Roberto Montanari and Davide Marchini Research conducted by university and Ocrim shows strong argument for usage of diamond wheels. conservative, the wear indicator has been calculated on the lower wheel, the one most subject to stresses. 7KH ¿UVW .3,  LV WKH GHEUDQQLQJ UDWLR LH WKH UDWLR EHtween the overall processed mass of wheat and the relative separated mass of bran. The second (KPI2) is an indicator of the wear of the diamonds, calculated via image analysis. TREND OF DEBRANNING RATE TIME The experimental campaign was planned to give statistical VLJQL¿FDQFH WR WKH UHVXOWV 'XULQJ WKH WHVWV WKH UHVHDUFKHUV also varied the power absorption of the machine. At a constant ÀRZUDWHLWFDQEHDVVXPHGLWLVSURSRUWLRQDOWRWKHUHVLGHQFH time of the wheat inside the debranning machine. The debranQLQJUHVXOWVREWDLQHGDUHFROOHFWHGLQ7DEOH EHORZ  With the diamond wheels, the researchers noticed an Time 0 - installation Table 1 DHB North Diamond Silicon carbide 65 [A] 7.4% 8.1% 75 [A] 9.5% 9.0% 85 [A] 11.7% 9.3% Time 1-3 months DHB North Diamond Silicon carbide 65 [A] 7.6% 8.3% 75 [A] 9.2% 9.0% 85 [A] 11.0% 9.3% Time 2-12 months DHB North Diamond Silicon carbide 65 [A] 7.7% 7.9% 75 [A] 9.1% 8.5% 85 [A] 10.9% 8.7% May 2016 / World Grain /

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World Grain - May 2016
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From the Editor-in-chief - Keys to poorer nations’ prosperity
Calendar of Events
AGIC 2016 is July 25-27 in Australia
News Review - Olam breaks ground on Nigerian feed, poultry complex
Nidera appoints new CEO
Scoular searches for new CEO
CHS’ earnings down on reduced commodity prices
ADM begins expansion at Brazilian port
E.U.-28 grain production forecast to meet five-year record
NCSP’s cargo turnover increases in first three months
Gavilon seeks expansion in the U.S.
VICTAM appoints new GM
Cargill profit rises in face of difficult market conditions
Olam secures financing for flour, food processing facilities in Nigeria, India
General Mills to upgrade New York facility
Dangote making changes to flour mill business
CBH’s New Albany site close to completion
Glencore sells 40% stake in agricultural unit
Per capita U.S. flour use dips to lowest level in 18 years
Brazil’s 2016-17 corn production forecast to be a record
Grain Market Review - Coarse grains
Country Focus - Kazakhstan
TECHNICAL PROFILE - Flat bread in Kazakhstan
FEATURE - Realizing innovation’s Opportunities
FEATURE - Time for government intervention?
FEATURE - 2016 IAOM Conference & Expo
CIGI CEO says milling industry must better promote its products
FEATURE - Reforms boost Argentine grain industry
FEATURE - Mid-latitude drying in 2016-17
FEATURE - European supplier profiles
TECHNICAL PROFILE - Durum wheat debranding study

World Grain - May 2016