Wild Blueberry - 1

Wild blueberries are nutrient dense, while providing the flavor, sustainability,
and versatility that consumers are looking for in their food today.

Don't be fooled by their size - wild
blueberries are packed with intense
flavor, natural antioxidants, and
performance value for a variety of
cooking and baking applications.
What does wild mean, and how
does that differ from the ordinary
blueberries you'd find in the fresh
produce section at the supermarket?
The wild blueberry's heritage goes
back 10,000 years in the post-ice
age acidic soils of Maine, Eastern
Canada, and Quebec. North
America's early inhabitants picked
these berries for their flavor, nutrition,
and healing abilities.
These berries aren't planted;
rather, they grow in the wild where
Mother Nature intended them to be.

By having what it takes to survive
the region's harsh climate, lowbush
wild blueberries have a high level of
antioxidants and a vibrant taste that
can't be matched by their highbush
cultivated counterparts.
Wild foods have seen a resurgence
in recent years as consumers seek
out more natural products. As foods
became more and more processed in
previous decades, new generations of
shoppers began to gravitate towards
foods with more authenticity. Menu
and product developers who want to
signal their commitment to delivering a
real food experience are responding
to this shift.
"Across the real foods landscape,
wild foods rank as truly sacrosanct,"

says Mike Collins, brand strategist
at Ethos Marketing. "This is because
there are so very few wild foods on
Earth that are actually available for
broad human consumption. Wild fish,
wild meats, wild grains, wild greens,
and wild blueberries are amongst the
special few."
A host of premier brands and
restaurant chains are moving towards
offering wild blueberries in more
products and menu items. Just to
name a few:
Chobani - Earlier this year, the
company unveiled its new 'Hint of'
range of products. One of those
was Hint of Wild Blueberry Yogurt,
described as a "wink at the beauty
and simplicity of a juicy little piece
of nature, blended with perfectly
creamy Greek Yogurt."
Smoothie King - This rapidlyexpanding brand is showcasing
wild blueberries in a number of its
smoothies as part of its ongoing
cleaner blending promise -
a commitment to smarter and more
transparent ingredient choices.
Krave - These culinary-inspired
meat bars have made a big
splash in the snack food market.
They combine beef, turkey, or
pork with healthy ingredients like
wild blueberries for a flavorful,
nutritional snacking experience.


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