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TRAVEL Bandon Dunes SEttiNG cOURSE BESt GOLf AROUND thE wORLD by Angie Niemeyer Bandon Dunes photos by Wood Sabold. All other photos W courtesy of their respective companies. here did golf originate? This subject has taxed the brains of researchers around the globe for centuries. Although, for reference to the very first games played in the early 1400s, we thank the Scots. With such historical roots it’s hard to believe golf was banned during its early evolution in Scotland, England and even the streets of Albany, New York, when it arrived in America in 1659. A regal sport that receives praise not only for its athletes but for its courses, golf attracts many players and spectators who simply want to enjoy its most spectacular settings. Here we take you on a brief journey through six of the best golf resorts around the world, known for their winning combination of superior golf, luxurious amenities and beautiful grounds. Stay and play in Oregon, South Carolina, Hawaii, The Dominican Republic, England and of course, Scotland. BANDON DUNES – Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, Bandon, OR The game of golf was born on land just like this. The Pacific Ocean meets the Southern Oregon trails club at Bandon Dunes March/April 2008 Luxury Life & Style 67

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