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EDITOR'S LETTER GO GREEN love working on each and every issue of Luxury Life and Style, but this one in particular I’ve been looking forward to for some time. It’s our “Green Issue”, and it’s long overdue. Both Todd and I have noticed a growing trend in our business – luxury with a distinctly eco-friendly angle. The two seem to go hand-in-hand, new products offering cutting-edge technology at a premium. Not only hip and relevant, they often fall into a class of their very own. It’s an exciting to be part of the environmental revolution, especially here in the South Bay. What surprised me most is the magnitude of the movement – how vast the market has become for earth-conscious consumers. Home appliances, solar panels, hybrid vehicles – these all fit into my understanding of green products. But, wines, fashion and jewelry? The reach is simply amazing, offering plenty of options for us to live better, cleaner and more responsibly. Kuhlhaus 01(KDC-01), our current home feature, reveals how green intentions translate into high-end living and a beautiful modern design. In the world of automobiles, we preview a handful of eco-efficient hybrid and electric models from the likes of Porsche and Cadillac. Todd also sat down with Karin Hall of Heal the Bay to talk about recent successes and upcoming efforts to preserve our precious beaches and Santa Monica Bay. Plus, we showcase energy efficient Bosch washers and dryers, eco-cool wines, organic accessories, and much more. We take green to another arena with fantastic coverage of top golf courses around the world, all known for their beautiful locations and superior play. Last, but not least, we present to you our first ever Spring/Summer fashion shoot. We brought together a fantastic photographer, four models, makeup artists and stylists, and wonderful local fashions to Trump National for a daylong session of haute styling and gorgeous scenery. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. • Darren Elms I 8 Luxury Life & Style March/April 2008 Photo by Bradford Rogne,

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