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YOU’VE BEEN SERVED THE JOYS OF A PERSONAL CHEF by Gloria Williamson Burgoyne here’s a time for everything: a time to take care of yourself, a time to eat delicious food, a time to relax. If all of the above apply, then there’s also a time for a personal chef. We live in an era of conflicting ideals. Daily we confront a long list of responsibilities and time commitments connected to work and family that keep us busy from morning until night. At the same time we get an earful from the media about the T importance of certain foods and how poor diet plays into our country’s current heath crisis. Some of us may have been urged by our doctors to lower our saturated fats or received early warnings about risk of diabetes. This information is stressful enough without researching to find out what it all means. There comes a time between late nights at the office and a bag of fast food when we must stop and ask the question: How do I take care of both my family and my own personal health while balancing a demanding lifestyle? A personal chef with a nutrition or dietetics background could be a practical and rewarding solution. You may remember one famous personal chef creation – “The Elvis Sandwich”. W. Pauline Nicholson made Elvis Presley his favorite concoction for breakfast every morning – a deep fried sandwich on white bread filled with mashed bananas and peanut butter. I once heard he ate 12 of these every morning, but 68 Luxury Life & Style September/October 2007

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