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EDITOR’S NOTE Food For Thought “There is no love the love of Living in Southern California, I sometimes get a little jealous when autumn rolls in. Don’t get me wrong I love this time of year, but where are the brightly hued leaves, the crisp air and the change in season? Admittedly, I turn green when I see the reds, oranges and yellows in my East Coast friends’ photos, complete with scarves and a bag of chestnuts. Then, as I’m lying on the beach in October, I’m reminded of the perennial “70-degrees and sunny” weather we enjoy. Suddenly, autumn in L.A. doesn’t seem so bad. There is one thing I look forward to in fall that doesn’t require a drop in thermostat: food. There’s something about the impending holiday season that gets my taste buds working and my stomach growling. It’s also the perfect time to uncork great wine, especially some of my favorite reds. There’s nothing like a great pinot noir or merlot paired with a hearty harvest meal and some good company to share it with. After paging through this current issue, you may notice an unmistakable “foodie” element to it. Intentional? Quite possibly. We can’t think of a better time for it! In addition to coverage on two amazing Los Angeles restaurants, check out our recommendations on cabernets, a must read for wine lovers. If you already have visions of your perfect holiday party, maybe it’s time you invested in a personal chef. We have a few tips and resources sincerer than food.” — George Bernard Shaw to get you started in the right direction. Speaking of chefs, any pro will tell you a great knife set is essential when cooking. Our featured set from William Henry truly performs (and looks great on the counter too). If your appetite’s still whet, we have baked goods, a royal banquet and, best of all, a workout program to burn off the calories after. Here at Luxury Life & Style, we consider ourselves fortunate to employ the talents of esteemed Food and Wine Editor, Bonnie Graves. In addition to her dazzling restaurant reviews and wine feature in every issue, Bonnie offers her “sommelier savvy” regularly on and others. Well-traveled and well versed, Bonnie brings experience, wit and sophistication to each article. Between pairings and pastry chefs, she also added a new member to her family, daughter Sophie, earlier this year. Brava! A warm welcome as well to Todd and Jen Klawin’s new arrival, Kate, born in July. Congrats! Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to bring out the good china. Eat, drink, and be merry. Cheers! • Darren Elms 8 Luxury Life & Style September/October 2007

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