Continuing The Dream: Volume 6 - 1

VOL. 6 | APR. 2021

Continuing The


and Future

Designing McGrady's Pub

onstruction is well underway at Sawgrass Grove and we had
the chance to take a peek into some of the progress being
made at McGrady's Pub. While the teams are working hard on
the building exterior, we've been doing
a little dreaming about the upcoming
experience Villagers are sure to enjoy.
There's something really special
about a meal with friends over pub
fare and craft drinks while listening to
local musicians weave a tale of a tune.
A place that feels like home, where good
friends, neighbors and a community
can gather for a
great time. Imagine the hum and buzz of
warm conversation only broken by the
occasional burst of laughter.
We had some fun coming up with
ideas for the name of the restaurant. As
is common with our naming, we like to
look to folklore for inspiration. While
we were researching, we pulled out the
Morse Family tree and learned that the
namesake of our great grandfather, Atwell
Guy Morse's grandmother was Frances
McGrady. With a name like McGrady,
the Irish theme and name was born and
Frances McGrady became the proprietor
of the Pub.
The design inspiration for McGrady's
began with the idea of creating an old

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Designing McGrady's Pub

Full Connectivity

Irish Pub. Starting with a picture of a restaurant that had a
different colored plaid at every table, this mismatched, yet
beautiful contrast brings the traditions of a pub to the center of
Sawgrass Grove.
The restaurant is sure to please with its varied rooms and
different styles and traditional Irish dishes with tasty pulled
pints. McGrady's is so eclectic and so unique to The Villages.
Sounds like fun! We think so too, and we're excited about the
newest experience coming to Sawgrass Grove - McGrady's Pub.
We invite you to join us as we continue to bring updates on
McGrady's and all of the construction progress being made at
Sawgrass Grove.

Sawgrass Grove: A New Kind
of Gathering Place

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Continuing The Dream: Volume 6

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