Continuing The Dream: Volume 7 - 1

VOL. 7 | MAY 2021
Continuing The
Future Planning
New Plans For Golf
Coming To Villagers
and Future
n this issue of continuing the dream,
we got the chance to catch up with
The Villages land planner, Geoff McNeill
who shares the important foundational
elements that make up our unique way
of living as well as golf course designer,
Ken Ezell, who takes a deeper dive into all
things Golf in The Villages. We'll check
in on the progress at Sawgrass Grove with
Dusty Rhodes, and Chet Brosnon out on
the Southern Oaks Championship course.
Planning for a unique place like
The Villages takes a lot of talent and
dreaming. In our interview with Geoff,
he shares with us how he carefully plans
the placement of the important and fun
things Villagers are dreaming about - the
areas and gathering spaces that make
up the lifestyle we live today and bring
Villagers together in a variety of ways.
From the recreation opportunities
and the various combinations of fun
amenities to the shopping, dining and
daily conveniences, everything is designed
" We have a first class team here, Kenny Ezell is a great
architect to work with. " -Chet Bronson
with the Villager in mind, including the
roadways, pathways, and variety of ways
folks traverse the community. An integral
part of our planning includes our most
popular activity in The Villages - golf.
Championship Golf, Executive Golf,
Pitch & Putt's and Putting courses create
a variety of levels of play as vast as the
variety of holes, and appeals to the novice
just as much as the skilled master.
When we caught up with The Villages
golf designer Ken Ezell, he shared with
us what is currently under construction,
already planned and what we're dreaming
about in some of our newest areas.
That includes some new concepts like
elongated tee boxes that make the courses
a little different every day.
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Continuing The Dream: Volume 7

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