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NEW PRODUCTS Generating Power Yamaha Motor Corp. has unveiled the newest addition to its conventional generator lineup, the EF7200DE/D, which offers more wattage, run time and features than its predecessors. The push-button start on the EF7200DE sparks the 358cc engine to life while the recoil starter with auto decompression makes for an easy pull start on the EF7200D. With eight hours run time at full load, the EF7200DE/D offers an 18 percent longer run time than the previous model. The digital hour/volt meter shows total run time and voltage output, which makes keeping track of service intervals a breeze. The EF7200DE/D has 120/240 dual voltage. Decking Fastener Hilti Inc. offers a new one nail bar joist solution, X-HSN 24, for a consistent fastening even at the most difficult connection points. Designed with a longer and fully knurled shank, it works for virtually all steel base materials 1/8-inch up to 3/8-inch thick. It is collated in red plastic strips, allowing it to be quickly and easily identiidenti fied on the deck surface. Diamondback Backer CertainTeed and Lowe's have teamed up to offer new backer board technology for tile installation projects. Reinforced with embedded glass mats for added strength, moisture and mold resistance, Diamondback® Tile Backer features a patent-pending polymer coating with a unique textured surface that creates a strong bond, reducing tile slippage during installation. Diamondback weighs 40 percent less than traditional cement boards and is easy to handle, cut and install. Mold resistant, it eliminates the need for an additional moisture barrier, reducing overall installation cost. Hi-Tech Flush Grime-Buster The new Oil Eater Original cleaner/ degreaser from Kafko International claims to quickly and safely clean any surface where grease, oil and grime occur on a contractor's equipment. The eco-friendly cleaner is water-based, nonflammable and biodegradable and contains no acids, abrasives or petroleum solvents. It penetrates rapidly, rinses off easily, leaves no residues and will not harm the skin. Kohler Co. introduces the new Kohler Touchless toilet technology. Allowing users to flush the toilet without making contact, this toilet uses a sensor instead of the traditional flush lever. Unlike a beam-based sensor, in which a beam of light is broken to trigger the actuation, the Kohler Touchless flush utilizes sensing technology that detects the user holding a hand over the tank lid directly above the sensor to activate the flush. The technology is also available as a retrofit kit that will work with almost any single-flush toilet with a canister or flapper-type flush. | 43

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