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SpotlightOnSuccess Combined Arms ColleCtive trAining FACility Kahuku Training Area, Oahu Hawaii License No. HI 27270 “This was a unique project for us and we’re proud to deliver a quality product on time and within budget for the U.S. Army.” Denny Watts bringing trAining to reAl liFe The $22.8 million Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF) at the Kahuku Training Area project encompasses a simulated town built to help prepare soldiers for real-life battle zone challenges prior to their deployment. The simulated training town is complete with 22 buildings including: two single-story operations buildings; a two-story church with two-story bell tower and cemetery; three single-story residences with basements; six single-story residences without basements; a two-story office building; a two story business building; a two-story school; a two-story townhouse with partial basement; a single-story service station with service pit; a single-story bank; a singlestory police station with basement; a covered mess hall; a three-story hotel; three-story government building and a 570 linear-foot tunnel system that joins the government building and the hotel building. ChAllenges And innovAtions General contractor Watts Constructors reports that a major challenge encountered on the project centered around getting workable concrete delivered to Kahuku with a delivery time of one hour and 20 minutes from the concrete batch plant to placement. “The project’s many different types of buildings spread over a large area plus the need for three new roadways to access the new buildings, also presented challenges,” says Russ Kunishige, project manager. In the area of innovative techniques and solutions during construction, 14 concrete electrical equipment pads were changed from poured-in-place to precast in order to allow for a faster and higher quality installation of the pads. Watts installed a two-way communication duct within the same trench as the main electrical lines, which allows for greater efficiencies in production, The project was begun on Sept. 17, 2009; with pending change orders, it is now due to be completed Dec. 12, 2011. BI 56 | BUILDING INDUSTRY | NOVEMBER 2011

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Kapolei Low-Income Housing Poised to Start
Construction Starts for Habitat Project
Kahi Mohala Renovation Blessed
AIA Hosts Sixth Canstruction Competition
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East Oahu Residential Project Breaks Ground
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Concept to Completion: CVS/Longs Kapolei Distribution Center
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Continued Success for PBTE
Spotlight on Success: CACTF, Kahuku Training Area
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Building Industry Magazine - November 2011