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Light-zapping Clean The cleaning power of UV light destroys bacteria, mold and other viruses. By Nate Gyotoku H Local Case Studies Due to its high humidity, Hawaii is an ideal place for a case study. For example, Iolani School installed UVC emitters by Steril-Aire. For its mold problems, Iolani was spending approximately $8,000 a year on coil cleaning and air handler maintenance. For the initial test, UVC lights were installed on a small, 6,500-cubic-feet-per-minute (cfm) unit, and UV light in AHU applications can be used to control biological growth on cooling coils. (Photo courtesy of Steril-Aire.) After one year, Queen’s maintenance staff reported minimal biofilm and slime buildup, and staff members noted the absence of musty odors that were once commonly found. Added Benefits Along with the benefit of improved air quality, UVC emitters are energy efficient. Though the UVC emitters consume energy, their clean coils allow for better heat transfer and airflow. As a result, the air handler works more efficiently and uses less electricity. The electricity savings outweigh the cost of powering the UVC emitters. In some cases, customers have realized utility bill reductions as high 29 percent, with an average payback of less than two years. Adding to the utility savings are the maintenance costs involved with coil cleanings. Nate Gyotoku, the new manager at AirReps Hawaii, is a veteran of the information technology industry as a consultant and project manager. Air Reps Hawaii distributes Steril-Aire products in Hawaii. HAWAII’S #1 SOURCE FOR AIR CONDITIONING VENTILATION INSULATION LOW PRICES – FREE OAHU DELIVERY – HUGE INVENTORY The main building at Iolani School, where UV lights help control mold and improve the quality of indoor air. before-and-after mold samples were taken. The “before” samples contained an average of 2,087 colony-forming units per millimeter (cfu/ml) versus the “after” samples that contained an average of 26 cfu/ml. This resulted in a 99.8 percent reduction in mold-forming units after just a few days of using Steril-Aire. Based on the results, Iolani School outfitted the rest of its air handlers with UVC emitters. The Queen’s Medical Center also installed UVC emitter units. To combat microbes, such as tuberculosis, extra emitters were added to the normal installation recommendations. Visit our showroom at: Email: 2225 Hoonee Place • Honolulu, Hawaii 96819 (808) 841-7400 • (FAX) 841-7222 BMH February–March 2013 27 Air Conditioning awaii boasts desirably pleasant weather year-round, but the moist climate presents an old Hawaii problem— mold. In our high-humidity climate, air handler maintenance against mold and bacteria is a never-ending battle. An air handler, or air-handling unit (AHU), is a device used to condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. Mold can accumulate and grow on the coils and in the drain pan, where condensation creates a desirable growing environment. There are a few different methods of reducing exposure to mold and other organisms. Chemical coil cleaning removes visible biofilm but does not eradicate all microscopic organisms. And filters can capture germs, but only microorganism that are larger than 0.1 microns (depending on the type of filter). Yet ultraviolet-C (UVC) light provides an excellent option against mold and microorganisms. The ultraviolet “C” band frequency is the most germicidal wavelength in the ultraviolet spectrum. UVC lights destroy an organism’s DNA and RNA, effectively killing or deactivating it. When applied to an air handler’s cooling coil, the UVC eradicates biofilm and slime buildup. A UVC system is also effective against viruses such as influenza (the flu), SARS and measles, and bacteria including TB and pneumonia that can pass through filters.

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