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Does your HVAC talk BACnet? New technology sets the rules on building automation controls. By Robert Pascua Air Conditioning F i-Vu® web-based control interface rom large-scale manufacturing operations to pocket-size consumer electronics, intelligent control is playing a larger role in making life easier. It’s no different with the buildings where we work, live and play. Not too many years ago, building owners and managers felt trapped and locked-in by manufacturers when it came to upgrading or adapting their mechanical systems. To address this issue, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and AirConditioning Engineers developed BACnet® (Building Automation Control Network). BACnet offers an international standard for data communication protocol for building automation and control networks. This model has become widely preferred over proprietary communications solutions that to-date have dominated Don’t let your systems flatline! Unexpected system failure can happen at any time. Alaka‘i identifies problems before they become emergencies. Call us for a checkup today! O‘ahu (808) 834-1085 Maui (800) 600-1085 Hilo (800) 600-1085 Kona (800) 600-1085 C O N TRAC TO R’S L I C E N S E #AB C- 7 3 3 8 28 February–March 2013 BMH

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Building Management Hawaii February/March

Top 3 Energy Incentives
On The Grid
Solar: Not A Singular Solution
Saving Money & Art
Payback Projects
Top 10: Turn Energy Into Value
AC: Light-Zapping Clean
Does Your HVAC Talk BACnet?
Editorial: Industry Insights
Association Updates & Industry News
Ask An Expert: No One Likes To Sag

Building Management Hawaii February/March