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EnErgy ManagEMEnt The New Age Of Energy Metering Maximizing the benefits of real-time sub-metering. By Ed Pantzar T hrough advancements in technology the traditional submeter has become obsolete. No longer is energy data privy to only the facility manager, who jots down monthly totals from the depths of a utility room. We have entered an era where smart-meter energy data is available to residents, facility managers and billing providers-all in the same moment. Now energy meters allow each of these entities to actively utilize information for their own benefit, and they do. Apartment residents can now view energy consumption of their own apartment through a dedicated user portal. Using a graphical display feature makes simple acts such as turning off all lights a source of instant gratification. As residents track their progress they are able to realize instant cost savings, and all the while forming their own energy efficiency standards. The same system used to measure a resident's apartment can be a preventative maintenance tool for facility managers. Text message and email alerts are now commonly included with energy monitoring packages, and the alerts can be eGauge main graph screen. Small commercial load profile, plus sub-loads. (Solid red = total load, shaded red = total energy consumed from grid, gold = lighting circuit, black = server closet, rightmost column = instantaneous power bar.) customized to the facility's specific needs. On a basic level, these alerts can reduce resident dissatisfaction by providing a quick response to failure of high demand amenities, such as air conditioning. Advanced sub-metering systems come outfitted with various forms of communication protocols to further a facility's control. The ability to communicate via BACnet ® (Building Automation Control Network) is Second-by-second graph with sub-loads. Main feed amperage measurement with three Current Transformers, 3-phase. 14 February-March 2014 BMH

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Engineered Efficiency: A Holistic Approach
Why Host An EV Charger
The New Age Of Energy Metering
Are You On Island Time?
Time To Stay Cool
Through The Tinted-Glass, And What Savings You’ll Find There
Managing Off-Site
Safe & Secure
HVAC: Top Trends
An Industry Unites At Expo 2014
The (Often Overlooked) Success Factor
On Site: Men At Work

Building Management Hawaii February/March 2014